Question 1260

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18 Responses to “Question 1260”

  1. Eljai:


  2. shipra:

    jhooth, bahanas, and ignorance

  3. Bonsi:


  4. ces:


  5. alissa:

    Being their option when I make them a priority.

  6. Shannon:

    snobbiness, I don’t want to hear that anyone is to good for any body else just because of their jobs, homes or tangable objects.

  7. Paul:

    Bullying and intimidation, and what alissa said

  8. raisa:


  9. Lola:


  10. Mary:

    Any comment abt my weight. Me and my weight are a package.

  11. Laura:

    Bullying, being humiliated by them.

  12. Julie:

    Exactly what Alissa said

  13. jasmine:


  14. being dumped through cutting off all communication and not responding to my contact

  15. Sally:

    Being taken advantage of

  16. anu:

    therapyjourney i dnt knw whether it is aname of a person r not but he is rite to every que

  17. BubblesQ:

    Taking drugs *

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