Question 1263

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  1. Eljai:

    Her concern over my well being

  2. Susan:

    She always loved me UNCONDITIONALLY

  3. KK:

    Her acomplishments.

  4. KK:

    ….my mom teaches through not only her words but most importantly through her action.

  5. Richard Schmidt:

    An incident that could have changed both our lives drastically; One day as the representatives where at our door, and trying to enlist me at the age of 10 into the Hitler Youth, She sent them packing. What did she tell them? “You have not even made it possible for us to get him a pair of shoes, wouldn’t it be embarrassing for him to march in his bare feet?” Considering the times, it was a precarious moment.

  6. Alison B Boone:

    No matter what, through thick and thin, I KNOW I can always count on her to be there for me unconditionally. I know I wouldn’t be who I am today or even exist today without her. I love you forever Mom! XoXo

  7. Tracey:

    When I see her face, I feel better – no matter my mood or how bad things are at the time. She has been through so much struggle in the past, and still today, with a gentle and caring heart, she would give anything for her kids. To me, she is living testament that no matter what, life goes on and there is always something to live for.

  8. Amanda:

    She loves God.

  9. talia:

    Every.Single.Thing. I have been blessed with the best Mom ever. Love you, Mom!

  10. Shannon:

    Her strength. Going thru being a teenage single mother, poverty, heart break, schooling and raising me, she was also brave and strong. I never knew how scared or hurt she was until I became a mother too.

  11. I love that my mother pushes me to be the best she believes I can. She thinks I am capable of absolutely anything and pushes me to believe so, too.

  12. Jamie:

    The one thing I appreciate about my mother is that she is a force to be reckoned with. When I was younger, this scared me at times. Now that I am an adult, I can see that she was facing an uphill battle (unmarried, pregnant at 19, boyfriend and she both had part-time jobs). Not only did she manage to keep our family afloat, but she also made it so that my brother and I never wanted for anything.

    I also appreciate that just a hug from her can make everything 100 times better than it had been.

  13. Lola:

    That she was never one to complain.

  14. zavia:

    her strength , her believe in truth and devotion i wish i could be like her

  15. Rob:

    Everything. As I get older my appreciation grows

  16. Gurpreet kaur:

    My mother has faced many difficulty in her life. After struggling so long today she has achieved a respectful and honorable position. Her strong willpower,patience teachs me how to handle the problems.

  17. Grace:

    The sacrifices and heartache she endured to give us a life.

  18. JRB:


  19. Alex:

    That she put me first, and gives me all her love in every way she knows how.

  20. jasmine:

    My mother is dead but my sister is like my mother i love her very much and i truly admire how tough she is and how she gets things done.

  21. Sarah:

    That she’s a long way away and doesn’t know where I live.

  22. Debbie:

    The way we laugh together

  23. Her cooking

  24. annie:

    never left my side

  25. Sally:

    that because of who she was I learned who I should be in life

  26. Joleen:

    She’s there, if you like it or not, she is always there and takes care of you. At least… now.

  27. Prestan:

    She is one tough cookie of a single mother, her will to never give up on herself, gives me the will to do the same.

  28. BubblesQ:


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