Question 1264

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26 Responses to “Question 1264”

  1. Vasundhraje:

    mind always instructing me not to wear new dresses otherwise you will suffer

  2. Tracey:

    Quit my job and follow my dream of cooking and baking

  3. Brian:

    Bunji jump

  4. Amanda:

    Date my boss.

  5. jj:

    Quit everything and go abroad.

  6. astella:

    He must be somewhere without any stress

  7. Shannon:

    Love unconditionally

  8. Carolin:

    give up my job and travel for a while trying to find out what makes me happy

  9. Janice Smith:

    Quit everything and just live on love.

  10. Lola:

    Quit my job and move to another continent like Cost Rica, or perhaps Belize.

  11. Coralie:

    Stop taking the easy path and follow my dreams.

  12. Tara:

    Audition for a movie. There is just something about the process of making a film that I really love.

  13. Rob:

    Leave my safe secure existence to travel. I need to wait until my son is grown

  14. nani:

    Tell my family what I really am and what I really think or do, stop hiding away from them so I fit in the idea they have of me.

  15. Gurpreet kaur:

    To express my feelings in front of one whom I love..

  16. JoJo:

    Being in a relationship with a person that everyone else thinks is not good for me

  17. Maureen:

    Fall in love

  18. jasmine:

    Have hope that my ex will get back together with me.

  19. Tommy:

    Divorce my wife.

  20. Debbie:

    Being truthful about my feelings

  21. Be happy

  22. Yiğit:

    Being scareless

  23. 最新我都want to quit,不過唔係份工. 而係一段relationship~苦惱中既我,竟然係睇呢篇文章既時候,搵到一D insight. I think i want to take a break raethr than quit it. Thank you for the inspiration. TT

  24. AnonymousLady:

    Fall in love. I always wanted to fall in love with the Man who will truly love me for who and what I am. I have been very unfortunate on the past relationships I had, I am certain if I still have the capacity to love a person unconditionally, Worst is I don’t know if I would still be able to believe on the existence of true love.

  25. BubblesQ:

    Scuba Diving *

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