Question 1268

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20 Responses to “Question 1268”

  1. Sunfire:

    My hard work.

  2. Brian:

    Memories through photographs taken

  3. essanousy:


  4. Eljai:


  5. Jodie:

    Listening. People want to be heard.

  6. Serge:

    My Honesty.

  7. Mazl:

    keeping in touch

  8. Irony:

    Holding the door open for them.

  9. Stephanie:


  10. Dave:

    compliments-I have no problem telling people what they are good at

  11. Gurpreet kaur:

    I never say no to anyone. So always being available for them is a thing of thanks.

  12. Kajsa:

    Being positive and upbeat

  13. kah:

    I cannot remember. That’s sad. Unless you count people saying ‘thank you’ at the check out.

  14. A:


    helping them, sometimes with big favors and sometimes with small ones.

  15. jasmine:

    For being kind and hard working

  16. Doing my job

  17. Sally:

    Generosity and kindness

  18. Joleen:

    To be there in bad and hard situations.

  19. BubblesQ:

    Cheering them up *

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