Question 1269

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26 Responses to “Question 1269”

  1. dada:

    my boss
    she does not know to organize work, lead people, make a decision
    everything a boss needs to know

  2. Eljai:

    Tips of my #11 blades snapping off and working with Gorilla glue

  3. Rob:

    The fact that the reward for being good at what I do, and requiring little to no supervision means they transfer me to the most micro managing prick of a manager they have, in hopes that my inability to take his crap will straighten him out, or force my employer to do something with him, despite the fact the complaints of the past have motivated them to do nothing.

    Sorry, guess I needed to vent.

  4. Stephanie:

    Sometimes I get bored.

  5. Jeff:

    Feral customers who have no consideration for other people

  6. Jayme:

    I work with addicts, and they are always the best part of my day. The most annoying part of my job is listening to my co-workers complain about how they don’t have time to finish their work. I have as many clients as they do and lead about ten hours more of group than they do and I get my work completed with time to spare. I honestly think it is a lack of time management, as they are usually listening to music, gossiping, or on Facebook when I see them in their offices.

  7. Rob:

    As a rebuttal against myself the boss above my boss fixed what could have been a serious issue for me today, nice to know I’m still valued

  8. kah:

    the smell of my coworker’s Mcdonald’s greasy breakfast..every single morning

  9. ana:

    The filthy people I have to clean up after, And stupid guests!

  10. Debbie:

    The way my supervisor watches our every move.

  11. tans:

    my boss. he sits there and finds anything he can so he can point out your faults. it makes me feel uncomfortable just to be at work!

  12. A:

    my coworkers….

  13. Ashley:

    the never ending paperwork that comes with being a special ed teacher.

  14. Katrina:

    The lack of it… 🙁

  15. JRB:

    Absolutely nothing. I’m extremely grateful to have a job. I was laid off in March & have desperately been looking for a job. I had just received a letter from unemployment stating my time was up. There is no more….28 weeks of $224 a week. I even worked part time never receiving the entire amount. Bottom line is THANK GOD I HAVE A JOB!!!!

  16. Katerina:

    That i earn very few money… 🙁

  17. Kragmonius:

    It annoys me that people ask me for help with stuff they havent even put an effort into figuring out for themselves.

  18. Jay:

    lack of coordination and process.

  19. Mary:

    Today at 10:30 am we came out of one office building – our boss came out of our office building spoke to one of my co workers for a moment, then said she was going to go get some coffee. In the meantime an hourly paid employee came out and went with my boss to get coffee. The coffee break lasted for 3 hours. The hourly employee was on the clock. I know that this goes on all of the time, they sneak away for afternoon shopping trips…all while the hourly employee is on the clock. I am also an hourly employee and would never do anything to compromise my work ethic. Some days it is really hard to “mind my own business”. There doesn’t seem to be anything that I can do. The whistle blower always gets ousted. I need this job, so I just keep on – keeping on.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  20. jasmine:

    that i do not have a job.

  21. Clarisse:

    my boss.
    He does not know how to manage his time. Selfish. Egocentric.

  22. pmb:

    The over the top drama.

  23. The drain on my precious time, which is ending second by second, that I could otherwise have been using to do something truly useful.

  24. Alicia Marie:

    my coworkers 🙁

  25. BubblesQ:

    Confusing tools *

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