Question 1274

Photo by: Flower87

21 Responses to “Question 1274”

  1. Eljai:

    view of the Little Colorado River gorge and the Painted Desert. Under an amazing blue sky

  2. Mazl:

    …my new old dog actually running up to make an attempt at playing with other dogs in my beautifully green local dog park after a week of soaking rain….it’s been very very dry in Sydney and the green was brilliant! And it was beautiful…..!

  3. Susan:

    The first thing I saw when I got out of my bed this morning was the face of my sweet dog. He always gets out of his bed the moment I get out of my bed and we embrace and wish each other a good morning. EVERY morning. I love my sweet dog.

  4. Jim:

    My wife smiling at breakfast

  5. Kay:

    That even after everything that has happened between us – all the bad words, bad thoughts, bad actions – we are still the same person the other fell in love with… We haven’t let anything that has happened take over those awesome people who, on the really bad days, we think we used to be. We’re still here. Both of us. And we’re still head over heels in love with and crazy about each other. That was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen today, and will be for a long time. xo

  6. Kragmonius:

    Pictures of Nature on Facebook

  7. Era:

    Bright Blue Sky

  8. riyen:

    Ofcours thats my wife’s photo… The most beautiful thing for for me… I’ve seen today… And also everyday… i miss her…

  9. Bucci:

    My Yoga teacher…!

  10. Midnight-Flyer:

    A picture if myself before All this crap happened

  11. Ann:

    it’s the happiness of my brother, now he is a father.

  12. jasmine:

    Two little girls skiing like pros.It was amazing how good they were

  13. cynical:


  14. Tommy:

    I didn’t go out much today, so…my glass of beer.

  15. Linda:

    My mum and dad walking next to eachother, chatting peacefully, no bad vibes in the air.

  16. Jay:

    My son waking up

  17. Hannah:

    wild geese swimming in the river

  18. Debbie:

    Beautiful National Parks in a documentary

  19. people going about their daily business, exemplifying the will to live.

  20. annie:

    the sky

  21. Drew:

    The look on my daughter’s face when she shard how excited she was with how her hair color appointment went. It is the simple things in life that you have to stop, take a breathe and appreciate.

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