Question 1276

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  1. jj:

    Lack of natural.

  2. Karen:

    Lack of curiosity/ learning for enjoyment.

  3. Eljai:

    The power and corruption in my government, and how rapidly it’s increasing.

  4. JP:

    The entitlement factor that young people seem to have. They expect gaming systems and cell phones and cars. I had to work for those things, just like I have to work for the things I want now that I am an adult. I think there is a valuable lesson being missed out on when kids are handed things and don’t have to earn them.

  5. Janice Smith:

    That failure is extolled while telling others of successes is considered bragging and looked down upon.

  6. Mazl:

    The Blame Game … Someone else pays. = Litigation

  7. Lois Szydlowski:

    The greed that is everywhere and that is getting worse…our government who kiss the butts of the rich and placate the poor…our institutions, corporations, wall street, banks, insurance companies, law firms…our american system of buy, buy, buy—idolizing money is destroying us as humans.

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  9. Kajsa:

    That no one is genuinely confronting the environmental issues

  10. Alex:

    That the value of a human life, young or old, in considered a hindrance.

  11. Julie:

    We have lost a sense of community. We are very individualistic and selfish. Family and deep connections/commitments don’t matter as much… we can just move on to the next. Kids are becoming socially retarded and don’t know how to communicate. People are so obsessed with technology and material items that they have lost touch with reality and can’t enjoy what they have in front of them.

  12. me:

    Lack of God…

  13. Maureen:

    No one really cares about the other. Standards are being set daily. In the eyes of society, if you are not rich enough, your opinion is invalid. We need to learn to give everyone a chance.

  14. No one remembers how to just live and be happy – antidepressants are the answer for everything

  15. Allison:

    How hurting and killing each other is practically the norm…

  16. becca:

    We rely too much on technology, and we keep growing further from God.

  17. Jamie:


  18. jasmine:

    That something as pure as true love is not easy to find anymore.
    Sharing has become a bad thing

  19. cynical:


  20. Milo:

    The world is so big and crowded, it is harder than ever to find home.

  21. Kimberly:

    Lost art of conversation. Actual human contact “Please look my in my eyes when your talking with me” you cannot hold a meaningful conversation with someone thru an E-Mail..text……

  22. anon:

    Casual cruelty

  23. Hannah:

    People losing touch with the natural world, in order to spend their time staring at smartphones and playing computer games.

  24. Lilian:

    Individuals cannot handle the ocean of information/desinformation which surrounds them. Almost everyone is so easy to be manipulated by pushing the right buttons. And the worst part is the fact they do believe they have a realistic opinion, which is right.

  25. pmb:

    Violence of any kind!

  26. The sense of waste, that society at large doesn’t seem to see

  27. annie:


  28. Sally:

    Immorality, violence and intolerance

  29. Bjarke:

    The overuse of mobile technology and how it is affecting our social behavior

  30. BubblesQ:

    Girl from this generation gets pregnant and not able to enjoy their youth *

  31. craig:


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