Question 1280

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  1. Midnight-Flyer:

    The first time my boyfriend and I laid eyes on eachother. Then it was love and gsppiness, now it’s pain and loss

  2. Mazl:

    the independance of driving because of low vision

  3. Karen:

    I miss being able to move around the way I used to. A case of shingles with extreme complications left me with nerve damage in my face and feet.

  4. Tapestry:

    My best worker was still in CA & we were making progress on Earthquake Damage.

  5. Eljai:

    Seeing my kids so often

  6. Susan:

    I miss seeing my son function normally without suffering from the effects of social anxiety.

  7. Katie:

    The hope. When you’re that age there is so much to look forward to. So many things that you dream about doing. Now I’m just trying to make it day to day, and I can’t think of a single dream that I feel like going for.

  8. I miss being with my husband. We had only just gotten engaged then, and had decided to have a baby, too. We got married and were ready to start our lives with three. But we were full-blown alcoholics. Our alcoholism only got worse through the years, until finally we were treating each other so horribly that I left him, two years ago. I wish we had gotten into alcohol recovery back then, instead of after our divorce. I’m 21 months sober and he’s 6 months sober, so our son has two sober parents today, but he has two divorced parents, too. But I believe that this must be how things are supposed to be. We can only learn from our mistakes.

  9. Stephanie:

    Nothing. There’s too much future ahead of me to worry about the past.

  10. AT:

    MY MOM :((, she was here, I lost her now.

  11. Gaby:

    Less depression and nerves

  12. The fun of being a 1st year university student.

  13. George:

    I miss the person I was. I’ve had much pain & losses since then and it has shaken my sense of security, my faith, and my belief everything will turn out alright.

  14. Maureen:

    I miss being hopeful. Being able to live. I’m dealing with depression which has taken away all joy I had in life.

  15. The simplicity of it.

  16. Ann:

    i miss being with my sister who is now living in another country.

  17. Kk:

    I am missing the hope I had for the future. The future is now here, I’m still in the same boat and I have no control over it. NONE!

  18. Randy Seabrook:

    The energy I had then. I am feeling my age these days and I am not sure if it is the years Taking a toll or my lack of exercise.

  19. Rehab:

    My Dad 🙁 ,He was here, I lost his now.

  20. jasmine:

    no heart break

  21. Anonymous:

    My independence and innocence. When I was carefree and I was unaware of my unrequited love. When I was blind to my loneliness. When I used things for love and fun and not for harm. When love, trust, and loyalty were huge parts of my life. I should have known that it would end.

  22. Shri:


  23. Wanton:

    my energy and positivity

  24. cynical:

    my father

  25. Tommy:

    The love of my life wasn’t married to one of my best friends back then. I do, of course, realize that it still takes me having the balls to go for it for it to make any difference. I didn’t do it then, and it’s too late now. I wouldn’t mind it so much if they actually seemed like they were happy. I know marriage is hard, though, so I wont do any interfering bull. I just wished I had manned up when I could have.

  26. Melo:

    Who I was before the pressure built up too much and I felt I had to change, or ‘Adapt’ – except I didn’t feel better equipped to deal with my envrioment, I felt caged.

  27. the thought that he’d come back to me.

  28. Joleen:

    No trouble in any way. A future that I was sure of, those little problems which were so big in that moment.

  29. BubblesQ:

    Having lots of money *

  30. MinecraftChampion:

    I miss my friend on mine craft because we used to build stuff together until i destroyed his house.

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