Question 1282

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24 Responses to “Question 1282”

  1. Eljai:

    Here. I live where I dreamed of one day living.

  2. Jim:

    On Central Park West

  3. Tapestry:

    I have some ailments. So. I’d just like to Really Live, before I die. When you do not feel well geography means nothing. I already live in Costa Rica with one of the most spectacular vistas in the world. Tapestry

  4. Scottish Highlands

  5. Kajsa:


  6. George:

    India, or Africa.

  7. P:

    Switzerland, and one-two years in New York City.

  8. me:

    Gods hands !

  9. Mazl:

    Right here in Sydney – but with a harbour or beach frontage and a cycle path close by that will take me to the Harbour Bridge, the city – and beyond!!

  10. Susanta:

    Jagannath Dham Puri…..

  11. Randy Seabrook:

    I already live there. In a house filled with love with my family.

  12. jasmine:

    Switzerland with a special person i met there though we broke up sad!

  13. Anonymous:

    New Zealand

  14. Janah:


  15. Intimus:

    In my unfathomable dreams.

  16. Maureen:


  17. Melo:


  18. Debbie:

    In majestic mountains

  19. Wendy:


  20. In a home of my own.

  21. BubblesQ:

    Italy *

  22. Alice:

    I’m California Dreamin

  23. Fire:

    Alaska i have always wanted to go. I like very cold things like in the mountains. I would like to see the Northern Lights all of those colors. I would want to go fishing everyday go ice fishing fly fishing and catche a lot of Sockeye salmon.

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