Question 1286

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  1. Keri C:

    I’m tired of being judge because of my race, being a single mother and for choosing to be a loner, for not having the things that people think I should have and for not behaving the way people think I should act.

  2. Stephanie:

    My gender, which is very fluid.

  3. Kajsa:

    My age

  4. P:

    The color of my skin, my plain looks, and my chronic illness

  5. Diana:

    Face,body,personality basically everything about me, I wish everyone could just leave people be and mind there own business .

  6. Lin:

    I hate that people judge me for the things I can’t control. I have a lot of health conditions that make me different and people call me out on that. I can not help that I was born with many illnesses. I also hate that people judge me for my depression and that I tried the take my life earlier this year… I’m sure people who read this will judge me too, but that’s life. And it Sucks.

  7. Janice Smith:

    Not actually liking to visit my family.

  8. George:

    My piercings, my prosthesis which aren’t immediately visible. The emotional trauma I’m working hard to overcome. Still I have hope for humanity because of all the kind people.

  9. Crystal:

    My past. I don’t live there. Why should they?

  10. Doreen:

    Being single

  11. cynical:

    My past

  12. Daphne:

    Crystal, well said.

    I have judging myself for not having a job yet.

  13. Krunal:

    race…very honestly

  14. anon:

    The person I was.

  15. Hannah:

    Wearing clothes that are out of style and letting my hair get some gray without dyeing it. A lot of people judge others by their appearance alone.

  16. Debbie:

    My honesty

  17. Mel:

    my age, my gender, my past, my body modifications

  18. pmb:

    Anything. We should never pass judgment on anyone or anything! Everyone has a story that is unlike anyone elses.

  19. Perceived notions about the colour of my skin… and with it assumptions about personality/ religion/ culture/ lifestyle.

  20. annie:

    my scars

  21. Alicia Marie:

    my past.

  22. Joleen:

    my outside. No one knows how it looks inside of me. It’s like a big battlefield, so they should just shut up and leave their comments for themself.

  23. Leks:

    I hate I hate being judged for is my weight and for being my brother’s little sister

  24. ERA:

    My short hair

  25. BubblesQ:

    A lot of people will tell me that I look like a snob, but I really dont hate it. First impressions never last anyway 🙂

  26. Unbelievaburgers:

    Leaving my baby in the car while I grab a few things at Safeway. It’s just a few minutes, sheesh! It’s not like she knows how to hotwire a car.

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