Question 1288

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24 Responses to “Question 1288”

  1. P:

    Write a book. Get married and have kids.

  2. Bas:

    I actually think it’s more what you put into life that counts–I want to know that I loved well and was loved in return.

  3. Stephanie:

    I want to create.

  4. Eljai:

    To fully, deeply experience it. Not to walk through comatose or always thinking about the future and missing the moment.

  5. Jim:

    To reach my full potential as a person, wherever that might lead.

  6. Crystal:

    To fulfill my purpose and leave the world a better place. To spend eternity with God.

  7. Rob:

    Beautiful moments

  8. Lynsley:

    The be remembered.
    I want to use my life to do something great so that I would be remembered.

  9. Kajsa:

    An adventure.

  10. cynical:

    A happy family with enough money to take care of them and help others as well, and being a religious person, to live a life of good morals and in accordance with my religion

  11. Daphne:

    I want to live free from the limitations I place on myself or have allowed others to place on me. I want to live knowing that I am worthy of joy, peace, love, and every good thing, that is, to be receptive. Easier said than done as I tend to create my own drama and push away happiness.

  12. Mazl:

    to see a world that is growing kinder

  13. Milo:

    To live.

  14. Tony:

    New experiences

  15. Intimus:

    Perception. An abundance and a lack of it.

  16. anon:

    Happiness, love and a lasting, positive impact.

  17. Maureen:

    To be happy and content

  18. Hannah:

    for there to be more kindness and caring in the world

  19. Debbie:

    To enjoy life for what it really is.

  20. pmb:

    To grow old mentally & physically healthy & enjoy my family.

  21. Vitality

  22. Emma:

    Happiness and to make a positive difference to someone, anyone.

  23. Angela:

    Just to love and be loved in return……unconditionally…..

  24. BubblesQ:

    See the beauty of the world *

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