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  1. Anne:

    I don’t mind being heard, but because of my fear of being seen, I’m too muffled.

  2. Candice:

    My fears are what push me out of my personal prison. I don’t have dreams where something scary is chasing me… because instead of running… I talk to/embrace the scary thing and realize it isn’t so scary at all. BUT… I (currently) fear that people don’t understand me… how do you confront that??? I say… I am me, and you can see that or not… I am still me, happy, centered, walking forward one step at a time.

  3. Chelsea:

    My biggest personal prison has been constructed from the fear of telling someone what I really think about my life. From past experiences, no matter how much about myself I tell someone, nothing has helped.

  4. When I was in kindergarten I met my friend Sam. He and I were best friends in every way for years. Then in 5th grade, he got a new best friend for what I now see as good reasons. The thing is, I remember that “breakup” as being terribly hard on me, and I’m a senior in High School.

    Anyway, the prison that this created for me is a distance to everyone. I refuse to allow almost anyone to get close, and when they do I tend to sabotage it.


  5. I used to think too much before I do anything,
    which assisted me to predict unnecessary failures,
    and in lots of occasions I ended up not doing anything at all 😉

  6. Romer Jed:

    I was always afraid of being alone, but more afraid of being hurt. So whenever anyone would get close to me or try to get to know me, I would push them away and be very destructive with the relationship.

    But I’m lucky to have friends who kept pushing through and broke through that self-made barrier to keep others out, without them… I wouldn’t be here and more importantly, I wouldn’t be smiling more earnestly.

  7. Laura:

    I’m shy. And even though I don’t really care what people think about me, I’m still scared to speak up and be crazy like everyone I’m with. It doesn’t really make sense..

  8. Nic:

    Shyness… as Trenton, I tend to undermine whatever new relationship comes into play.
    I’m trying to overcome this, but hell it’s hard and difficult to change the way you are.

  9. The prison I’ve created for myself is one that makes it so hard to care about anything and anyone. In fact, there are only two people that I can definitely say are important to me.
    I suppose this is due to the fear that if I were to care about things, they could be used against me again, like how my ex-boyfriend used to do.

  10. Jonathan:

    One I’m trying to break. I feel like I have to have strong friendships for me to really be me and I don’t really those now. I’m afraid if I be myself before then, I’ll kill the friendship. Like being myself is a test only a strong friendship can handle and that’s not a good thing. It leads to repression and depression. It’s a ideal I need to kill.

  11. I forgot to remember that whatever happens in life is for a reason…My main issue is Trust♥ given the circumstances under which I have experienced Breach of Trust during my childhood♥I carry this burden inside me and an immense sadness overtakes my heart very often…Now I can choose who to trust♥Now I can change the tide ♥

  12. freestylewalker:

    I am imprisoned by a fear of ridicule.
    I keep my thoughts and words locked in my prison.

    A prison of mis-perception.
    I’m terrified of being beautiful, and am constantly putting myself down and finding reasons why I am not, no matter how many tell me I am.

  13. alli:

    My anxiety and fear have held me hostage within myself for too long. I am too scared of being rejected, so I stay distant. I’m scared of people not liking me, so I never truly say what’s on my mind. I’m terrified of being alone, so I surround myself with empty things. I am terrified of my mind so I never face who I am. And I am so terrified of myself that I lock myself away inside my mind only to be drove farther into insanity.

  14. Jenny:

    Fear of being alone has stopped me from living my life, which has really let myself, and my family, down.

  15. Flower:

    Fear of friends.
    Fear of happiness.
    Fear of love.
    Fear of someone actually caring for me.
    Fear of getting close to someone.
    Fear of letting someone in.
    Fear of falling in love again & my heart being broken.
    Fear of men.
    Fear of women.
    Fear of HIM moving on…
    Fear of him not coming back.

  16. Oceaveth:

    Fear of failure or rejection constantly keeps me from acting. I am working on fighting this. After all, if I don’t act, then nothing will change. Sometimes you have to try anyways, despite the assumption of failure – one can’t always fall short, unless you never try.

  17. Gabbo:

    I can’t physically touch anyone out of guilt. There was a girl whom I practically molested in elementary school and even though she forgave me, I become irrational when I have to hug or touch someone any more than a poke or a tap. It’s been this way for 4 years now, and I doubt I’ll be breaking out of it any time soon.

  18. Meg:

    Fear of Pain
    Has caged me in and prevented me from being truly happy with my life because of the fear it would all fail. It did once, right after i let it through the wall, and i went through hell. now i fear it all happening again.

  19. Lady Lazarus:

    My biggest fear is of becoming insane.

    By insane, I don’t mean completely out of touch with reality, but almost, with a sliver of insight to know that I’m not making much sense nor have a consistent state of mind. I am afraid that my subconscious will someday surface through vivid hallucinations and devour any sense of safety I once had.

    I’ve built prisons of self paranoia that disallow me to ever feel secure.

  20. April:

    Being terrified of losing him because of us getting in trouble. Sometimes I could swear it’s beginning to consume everything. lol I just realize that I cannot live in fear and I have to trust in God to get through everything. Sometimes the best things are the hardest things.

  21. sab:

    My fear’s are driving me not to be in that prison. Its stressful yet fulfilling.

  22. Ris:

    My personal prison has been keeping myself in an engineering program because I was too scared to tell my mother I didn’t want to be in it.

  23. Macey:

    I have troubles allowing myself to be weak, to make mistakes…

  24. Megan:

    I’m terrified of going into new situations, so I’ve let opportunities pass out of fear.

  25. Nick:

    Those prisons were made by my fear of a lot of things.

  26. Alli:

    My biggest personal prison was the ability to live. I was being abused by my father and I pulled away, punishing myself because I thought that it was my fault. I was depressed and near suicide. I refused to talk about it because I was scared of my dad, but even more scared that people would say I was right, that it was my fault I was being abused.

  27. iko:


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