Question 1289

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  1. Lynsley:

    If I were imprisoned then i would use my time to develop myself and not waste away. This way if I am freed then I can because an improved version of myself from the broken image I sometimes see when i look in the mirror.
    If i am not able to get out of prison then the knowledge I gained from developing myself, I could use to help others in prison so they could have a chance even even if I could not.

  2. Susan:

    I would stay mentally fit by exercising my mind by reading everything available to me. I would exercise my body to remain physically fit. Healthy Mind / Healthy Body. I win.

  3. zavia:

    Agree with susan

  4. Jim:

    Doing everything possible to maintain my body,, everything possible to enrich my mind and stay positive, make positive connections with with other prisoners, make every effort to free myself. If everything failed I would say: I”ve had a great life, now I will accept my fate.

  5. Wanton:

    I would meditate. Practice slowing my mind down and practice visualization of a joyful space within me during that period. To hopefully gain control of the unfulfilled desires & consequent unhappiness & fears that I would presumably experience being imprisoned. And to hopefully maintain a sharp mind, enough to be ready to take the next opportunity out when it presents itself.

    But all this is easier said than done.

  6. cynical:

    read books and do pushups (saw it in a movie, seems like a good idea) but i hope i never have to go there

  7. Milo:

    Reading books, practicing Yoga and learning Karate.

  8. Peter Rose:

    I would work out what went wrong with the job I did that brought me to
    Prison. I would then work out how I could do it better next time!

  9. Steve:

    I would read, work out and do a LOT of writing.

  10. Krunal:

    will use my time observing things around me…plan a prison break

  11. Intimus:

    I would see if I could smuggle in a small pick and a poster to cover the hole I am digging through the wall.

  12. anon:

    Read, write, run… get good with a shiv

  13. Me:

    reading, writing, working out.

  14. Maureen:

    Try to get deep into myself and find out who I really am and what I am capable of. try to cleanse myself of any deep rooted anger and bitterness.

  15. Debbie:

    Learn to know who I am

  16. sunny:

    think and reflect on my life

  17. Sarah:

    Will get to know God more and grow spiritually as well as getting my fellow inmates to know about Him as well. in addition to staying healthy

  18. Create a project for me to do which encompasses research, self-analysis, reading and writing.

  19. annie:

    write a book and keep physically fit.

  20. Alicia Marie:

    read and work out!

  21. Joleen:

    Finish my trilogy in High Fantasy

  22. Hotchkiss:

    I would like to listen to all other prisoners’ stories and thoughts. Anyone who would like to share.
    I bet it would be more interesting than those storybook that I like so much.

  23. GirlDragon:

    Study towards a degree and exercise

  24. BubblesQ:

    Excercise. Contemplate. Meditate.

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