Question 1295

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  1. Liv:

    I’m grateful for everyone i have in my life, even the people i may not be too fond of in many ways.
    Everyones here to teach eachother important lesssons, and learn the value of love. Not just between lovers, but between individuals.

  2. Karen:

    I am grateful for everyone in my life. Each person plays a different role and teaches me something different.

  3. jj:

    Love and understanding.

  4. sydney muleza:

    my Family and Friends who have sacrificed alot for me to be where i am now..

  5. shipra:

    My MOM.

  6. Jim:

    My wife.

  7. Kajsa:

    My closest friends

  8. rashmi bohra:

    im greatful to all my family & frinds, i love you more than anything i ever get. thank to associated wid me!

  9. Bella:

    My wonderful Husband who loves me and lovingly puts up with my craziness.

  10. anon:

    My loving parents and my best friend

  11. Me:

    My daughter, my boyfriend, and my Mom <3

  12. monica:


  13. My friend Harsh Wardhan who is always with me when I need.

  14. Debbie:

    My daughter, my mom and someone special who really doesn’t know how special he is.

  15. pmb:

    My husband, daughter, grandson, & son-n-law.

  16. My boyfriend that loves me despite all the times I’ve pushed him away or been callous or difficult.

  17. Lauren:

    Everyone stil. It in…

  18. Als:

    My mother

  19. BubblesQ:

    My family, friends & boyfriend ♥

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