Question 1296

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22 Responses to “Question 1296”

  1. Ashley:

    Put into practice allowing negative events and feelings to register in my heart and mind but, once I have allowed the bad to touch my life, I will learn not to dwell but to let it go sooner.

  2. Helen:

    set myself free to be all that I can be.

  3. Susan:

    This is the year that I forgive and allow myself to be forgiven.

  4. Murray:

    live life wisely and responsibly

  5. Mazl:

    the year that I think about what I want and not what others want of me

  6. Maxsat:

    I begin to live again.

  7. Adam:

    Standing up for those with no voice. I’m still waiting for the intellectual argument for ProChoice. It’s so 70’s; not at all representing the opinion and spirit of adults today. Lawmakers must slay this archaic beast by passing legislation making unborns “persons” under the law.

  8. Tamara:

    Embrace change. Go with the flow. Just be really me.


    I WILL accept everyone around me tie way they are and i will correct all bad habit people point to in my life.and force my self to achieve my goal

  10. rashmi bohra:

    i’ll do d same thing im doing since last past years, i’ll work on my weakness n keep on improving.i promise myself i’ll emerge as a good resposible human being.

  11. Liz:

    Let go of any hate or resentment I feel towards those who have hurt me in the past.

  12. Krunal:

    have this year

  13. Bella:

    Start to Live for me and send Love from every cell in my body to those I come in contact with or even think of.

    Give love to and receive love from M.H.

  14. monica:

    I will put myself first

  15. Debbie:

    This is the year I will live one of my dreams

  16. Pamela:

    will become a Certified Public Accountant.

  17. jvg:

    marry her

  18. Tricia:

    I’m going to be brave even when I’m scared.

  19. grow up and take responsibility for myself.

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  21. Logan:

    Come out, grow up, and start being happy.
    2013 was a rough year of learning, but I’m glad 2014 will be a fun year of learning.

  22. Lauren:

    Get it together…

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