Question 89

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  1. I really want to write a novel and have it professionally edited. I don’t have as much interest in getting it published as having it on my shelf. You know, something that I can look at when I come in and get a lot of satisfaction.


  2. Romer Jed:

    There are two things I want to do, one is long term, and that is to open a bookstore/comic book store like my best friend always wanted, because it’s something I know that’ll make her smile.

    And the short term is to make a RPG based on a story I have had in mind for a while and just have my friends and I play it.

  3. melinda:

    help people. But i feel like I really can’t do anything because I’m still in school and not legally old enough to volunteer 🙁

  4. Candice:

    … have children. I still don’t consider myself “ready” in the sense of having things stable… but if it happened now… I would be the happiest woman.

  5. tell my parents “I love you” more loudly.
    actually I am gonna do it today 😉

  6. Fran:

    be brave

  7. Laura:

    I have a whole list of things I want to do in my life. But thankfully, I’m still young. And hopefully I’ll have many more years to complete my list.

  8. carrie:

    I want to return back in time and thank everyone that has ever had an influence in my life. Unfortunately, sometimes I was too young or not paying attention. If I could I would embrace all the people that have made a difference in my life with the biggest hug imaginable.

  9. I wish I could talk to that kid in my algebra class. D:

  10. alice:

    I wish I could make him realize how much I really love him.

  11. Emmie:

    Be able to hold my girlfriend’s hand in public. Or at least tell our parent’s we’re together. They can’t know because we’re both girls.

  12. Anonymous:

    Become a teacher. I’m working on it.

  13. jenn:

    feel, connect……..from myself from myself. i hold me back

  14. jenn:

    *that WAS free myself from myself

  15. Annie:

    DO something good enough so that my mom would realize i love her.

  16. sarah:

    Go to the moon:)

  17. Victoria:

    I have two goals.

    One is to write an actual novel, not just make an idea for it.

    The other… well. I want to be able to walk up to my ex and tell him I still love him. We were only kids when we dated…but he’s the only one I’ve truly loved.

  18. Jenny:

    Fall in love

  19. honestly:

    fucked a lot of different girls =/

  20. ash:

    kiss a boy

  21. Alex:

    Run away.

  22. April:

    Sky dive. 🙂

  23. Omar:

    I want to roam the rest countries and places of the world I’ve never visited so far, at any time with out any limitations and rules.

  24. Phenethylamine:

    Help someone with my music, like I was helped once.

  25. sab:

    Be more alive.

  26. Samantha:

    i am 18 yrs old and i still havent had my first kiss…that is what i want

  27. Ris:

    I haven’t sat down with my sisters and told them everything I’ve wanted to tell them, like how much they mean to me.

  28. dani:

    my first kiss

  29. Nick:

    A lot.
    Facing my fear of heights.
    Hiking to the woods.
    Exploring nature.
    Just doing anything.

  30. Julie Takase:

    moved to CAPE COD!

  31. deepak:

    starting… everything i want to do…

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