Question 1299

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37 Responses to “Question 1299”

  1. Krunal:

    A nobody …

  2. V:


  3. Simo:

    The Pesimistic

  4. Mazl:


    A movie based on the true story of a baby girl born on the back of a milk truck in a small country town.
    Expect the unexpected – and be amazed!

  5. Debbie:

    A Quiet Life

  6. Jim:

    He did ok for a country boy.

  7. The Never Ending Road

  8. Anonymous:

    The Beat Down Road

    Walking the same path as three older sisters and being just outside the light of their greatness. Always being overlooked because they are so much better at everything than me.

  9. Tamyka:

    Finding My Way

  10. Hamza Khurshid:

    A Journey of Self Discovery

  11. ROBIN W:


  12. Stephanie:

    Passing Through

  13. Ania:


  14. Kay:

    “Winging It”

  15. Intimus:

    Coming of Age Without the Tropes

  16. Kajsa:

    The beginning

  17. Sayena:

    The toughest 24 year old

  18. Jeff:

    A Wasted Life

  19. Marielle:

    they tortured her until she was beautiful

  20. Maureen:

    How to be unhappy

  21. Melo:

    “Just winging it.” (Same as Kay’s)/”Playing it by ear.” or “Restless.”

  22. monica:

    Against All Odds —-she made it

  23. Hannah:

    The Joy of Eccentricity

  24. Kim:

    I did it my way!

  25. Dead Lover

  26. Ria:

    An American in Kyoto

  27. Michelle:


  28. I Didn’t Mean It.

  29. Kevin:

    Becoming Whole

  30. Bebsyceballos:

    Confusing me

  31. Logan:

    Changing for the better Part 1 of 8
    I’m a teenager, so I have (roughly) 7 times the amount of the time I’ve spent alive left.

  32. Going down with juliana

  33. Joleen:

    Title: No raise is without a fall.
    Subtitle: You just have to stand up one time more than you fall.

  34. Leks:

    My life as a misfit

  35. newman:

    antipsychotics, the killer of mankind

    a documentary that takes you behind the scenes.

  36. BubblesQ:

    * BUBBLES *

  37. gaurav kashyap,ud:

    a journey of avoided boy

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