Question 1300

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  1. Bas:

    I would travel around the world volunteering.

  2. Stephanie:

    I would still be working at something. I have to be creating, or what’s the point?

  3. Mazl:

    with my present commitments, nothing very much different from what I am doing now – except lots of planning – and thinking – and planning and thinking…

  4. Kajsa:

    The same thing as I do today. But I would live a bit more luxurious and generous

  5. jj:

    Studying how to heal other people’s places. To make them better for their well-being. So they could heal themselves, too. And get all the abundance I have 🙂

  6. Tamyka:

    I think I would be giving that money away, and living as I am now.

  7. Carmén Röxanyeli:

    I would travel around the world as a volunteer.

  8. KK:

    I’d do however many ivf cycles it took to become a mom.

  9. Vijay:

    Will be investing in ventures through which more people get benefited, give fund to thoes who actually works!

  10. Moran:

    I would devide my time between traveling the world and volunteering in my country.

  11. Melissa:

    If money wasn’t a concern, I’d be travelling, spending quality time with my kids, I’d have more time to write, and using the money to do charity work

  12. Me:

    I would travel and volunteer <3

  13. amin khajavi:

    I helped to people to become like me

  14. Maureen:

    Traveling around the world and spending time with the people I love.
    Helping those in need

  15. Emma:

    LOVE: LOVING PARENTS AND A LOVING FAMILY. And…sadly enough, money cannot buy that……

  16. Hannah:

    I would do as Tamyka said, continue living simply, and help as many other people as I could.

  17. Debbie:

    I would buy a cabin in the mountains where I could paint amongst the beauty that surrounds me.

  18. Ria:

    Popping out babies with my hubby and without worrying about paying off school loans! 😛

  19. Travel around the world on foot taking photos, experience different cultures and places. Then with those art work taken on the travels I will sell and donate to the less fortunate.

  20. Sara Chase:

    1. Invest to ensure my family’s future.
    2. Travel and enjoy life.
    3. Help those worthy to be helped.
    4. Study foreign languages.

  21. Janice Smith:

    I’d be doing pretty much what I do anyway… still going to school and working towards my dream of becoming a doctor. I would get a newer car though (one that isn’t a decade and a half old). This summer I would travel to Tibet and hang out at a Buddhist monastery for a few months. When I returned, I would continue with life as usual, but with the relief of knowing I would not be going deeper into debt.

  22. Improving myself before I could help others.

  23. Sui:

    open a cafe or dance club.
    help others to start a business of their chose.
    open a farmer market in urban areas, so people can get fresh vegetables and fruits.

  24. Alicia Marie:

    travel, travel, travel!

  25. Joleen:

    Firstly: I would go to Australia for 3 month and learn to surf
    Then: I would go to Iceland for a horsecamp
    And maybe: Going to see some attraction in England again 🙂

  26. Pia:

    Pay off all debt, invest, travel and be a philanthropist.

  27. craig:

    Hunt down every terrorist, tyrant, rapist, child molester, and so on. And behead them.

  28. sleeping

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