Question 1304

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27 Responses to “Question 1304”

  1. Brian:


  2. Su:


  3. Susan:

    As much as possible, I like to avoid crowds

  4. DEEPA D:

    Competition , it gives me fear what if i donot fare well.


    scary things

  6. Kajsa:


  7. Debbie:

    Making someone cry

  8. Ria:

    Going to the dentist, bank, or post office.

  9. Muthoni:

    Confronting my inner issues…they pain! I don’t feel strong enough to deal with them.

  10. jvg:

    avoid problem

  11. Sara Chase:

    voice out my ideas and opinions

  12. Intimus:

    Going out at night without a flashlight.

  13. Doreen:


  14. Filipino:


  15. Tina:

    sorting out the old stuff…

  16. Jasmine:

    I avoid saying things that could upset someone – and sometimes that causes me to overthink, which I’m trying to stop.

  17. Phoebe:

    Avoid the feeling that I really love him. But we’re not meant to be.

  18. Mandira:

    Negative people and stories.

  19. Jangelbelle:

    Saying harsh things to the people I cherish the most

  20. myself

  21. blueone:

    not kidding… mirrors

  22. KK:

    Organizing my bedroom.

  23. Hotchkiss:

    Relationship.. I just want to have you as a best friend

  24. Joleen:

    Thinking about that my plans for my future might not be that good.
    But now, I know it…

  25. Ash:

    eating meat. and watching movies about meat. im definitely a plant guy.

  26. BubblesQ:

    Being Broke *

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