Question 1306

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25 Responses to “Question 1306”

  1. Mazl:


  2. Maureen:

    Listen to music- India Arie mostly

  3. Alicia:

    Hibernate. In other words, Hang out at home in my pajama pants after a long hot bath, turn my phone off and RELAX.

  4. Carol:

    Meditate and breathe!!! Ask my angels for guidance and solace

  5. Jim:

    Meditate and read. Listen to affirmations on cd’s.

  6. Siobhan:

    Accept that life cannot be controlled, only experienced, embraced; and people encountered with a humble open mind so that you can listen and learn from their experiences.

  7. Intimus:

    Hang onto a light and make my way towards it through stormy seas.

  8. Kajsa:

    In the forest

  9. Janice Smith:

    I recongize that everything is interconnected and interdependent so in a sense you are never alone in any matter though you may feel that way. Other’s have had similar experiences and if you reach out for help people will be there to grab you when you think you are falling.

  10. Tina:

    cats purring 🙂

  11. Michelle:


  12. Phoebe:

    Just looking out the window of the train or bus and look at other people while they’re doing their stuff.

  13. Pamela:

    … close my eyes then.. think and breathe… then my adrenaline arise.

  14. Maddy:

    Play every instrument I own until the world runs out of music for me

  15. Jangelbelle:

    I ride a bicycle and listen to music

  16. Sleep.

  17. live the hike:

    The Power of Now: Eckhart Tolle
    The Game of Life and How to Play It: Florence Scovel Shinn

  18. Kevin:

    Being alone and reflect on my life

  19. Logan:

    Music, youtube, and just sitting back after a long day.

  20. Joleen:

    staying in the middle of this crazyness and watch and enjoy. Or just listening to msic and read a realy good novel 🙂

  21. Going with the flow has always been one of the hsredat things for me to do, and change is usually hard for me, but I have really been working on accepting change in my life and looking at is as exciting! I have found that change is always hard when you are going through it, but when I reflect back, I always realize the Universe was just preparing me for something better, it was part of the plan! I love your idea of Learning to hold on to life with an open palm instead of a clenched fist! An open palm seems a lot easier and relaxing! Thanks for another wonderful post!

  22. Pia:


  23. BubblesQ:

    Listen To Music *

  24. sbprfppr:

    its asymmetry

  25. Listening to music, meditation, intensely engaging in something I love doing

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