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  1. Definitely my parents. They shaped and molded me into the man I am today.


  2. Abbey:

    Mostly because of my grandmother. I lived with her when I was young and she taught me how to live with morals. And because she was older, she schooled me in wisdom and paitence. When she died, I learned grief, but also about the beauty and pain of time’s passing. These things have been defined through my experiences and expanded into the person I am today and the one I continue to become.

  3. Laura:

    Because of everything I’ve been put through.
    I was bullied, and that just made me stronger. I’ve become more confident because of it also, and I made an entirely new group of friends.
    So the people who hurt me the most are also the ones who helped me become the person I am today. And I could never be more grateful.

  4. Jason:

    Because i can be no one else.

  5. Nic:

    Because of the experiences of my past… and because I have no choice but being who I am now.

  6. carrie:

    I am who I am because of the countless eons of moments that I have chosen to exist. Thanks to all my consorts in life, mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, children, husbands etc.. for understanding and accepting me, for me, without question. I am me, to serve society and only take what I need to be sure to give more back. FANTASTIC question.

  7. i am me because, I am unique!

  8. I guess I was formed into what I am today by my ex-boyfriend. And not for all those romantic-poetic reasons, either. Because of him I find myself constantly paranoid of every little thing. Looking over my shoulder has become something to do every minute now. I’m afraid to love, since I don’t know how far he’d go to get me back for casting him aside. But then again, what was I supposed to do after he threatened the lives of people I cared for?

    But, ah well, I’m rambling. D:

  9. Austin:

    I am me because it’s what they gave me. So I’m gonna be proud of it. Good and bad.

  10. Romer Jed:

    I am a life that tries to get through hardships, who smiles when encumbered by tears, and a life who keeps pushing forward when only obstacles are in the way.

    True there are easier roads, but I do not always see such paths or choices nor do I always have the comfortable option of choosing such.

    I am a person who wants to stop being a burden to others especially my friends, and I am a person who is resolute in becoming less of a worry or hassle on them. So, as a person I love too much, hate myself too much, give too much, and put myself first too little.

    I am kindness and truthfulness, love and caring, and alone and scared.

  11. Jade:

    I am me because I don’t know how to be anybody else.

  12. Anonymous:

    My family and the many events that have happened in my life. They have shaped me to be who I am today. I have no regrets.

  13. Cricket:

    I am me because I refuse to be my mother.

  14. melinda:

    I’m not.

  15. gabs:

    I am me because of the fact that I am still searching for what I am.

    In other words, to be me is to find myself.

  16. Because I am me, me 🙂

  17. Nintendo:

    God made me this way.

  18. Jenny:

    Why not? 🙂

  19. kani:

    Because of my mother. Because of her support and love. The lessons she taught me, the mistakes I’ve made that she’s been there to pick me up from. For imbuing me with such a beautiful sense of stubborn strength that I’m incapable of giving up on life. Because of my life experiences. Being knocked down again and again and again, I still get up and push forward. The bad is followed by good.


    my surrondings(neighboor hood, school,all my enjoyments.) my peers(my family, teachers, friends, enemys, everyone who ever crossed my sight.)

  21. JennyLynn:

    Because of my mom, who passed away, she was strong and so am I.

  22. Muthanna:

    I am a soul in a human body. I reside and control the human body through the drama that is life.

  23. April:

    I’m me… Each day makes me into me.

  24. sab:

    I was this way before I come into this world, and still after growing.

  25. Emma:

    My past
    the fights with my family, losing those closest to me, finding a dream

  26. Edson:

    I am who I am obviously because of an immense degree of environmental and genetic factors, all which have dictated my life.

  27. Ris:

    Everything in my past, from finding my real family to having my dreams fall apart right in front of me, have made me who I am.

  28. Nick:

    My family, friends, my past, aspirations, dreams and random events makes me me. 🙂

  29. :P:

    because of my dad and my ex boyfriend they made me the woman i am today.
    and because of a determination not to end up like my mother.

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