Question 1311

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  1. Mark:

    Compassion for others is probably the one thing that could change the world if it was embraced and spread universally.
    We are all the same. We are born, we eat, we breathe, we struggle, we laugh and we die. Each of us.

  2. what do u do when someone is giving u though time at work and u knw that ,that is the only job for u at the moment

  3. Kajsa:

    Respect for our differences and each other

  4. Love, respect and serving God through people

  5. Stephanie:

    If everyone would mind their own business and leave others alone, that would be a good start.

  6. Intimus:

    Good people. Thankfully, we have an ample supply of those in reserve.

  7. smrtrthnu:

    The answer, you worthless herd of neanderthals, is sex. All of the happiest people I know have sex with each other and our friends – Frequently. Watch the ending of Ken Park, you’ll get the picture.

    Getting rid of ALL religion would help too. There is no god to blame, only ourselves to be accountable to. Religion kills, it has for thousands of years. It destroys more lives than anything else. And in the Middle East, Islam greatly limits human potential. Please use YOUR head to think. Not the herds.

  8. Jangelbelle:

    There’s no such thing. There will always be a problem. It’s an indispensable part of life.

  9. Nancy:

    To come to the understanding the “we” are ALL connected.

  10. jarvis:

    solar panels on every home

  11. Janice Smith:

    Love and the understanding that there is no “other”.

  12. Isabelle:

    That everyone frees themselves from their minds and doesn’t take their thoughts so seriously anymore.

  13. Steve:

    Freedom from hunger and oppression

  14. AnneEnigma:

    Peace and compassion; finally realizing that the people you see on the street are all PEOPLE and not just lifeforms wandering around this planet who have it better than you, because that isn’t true. The words “Love”, “Person” and “Human” have seemed to have lost their meaning. Once we stop worrying about bitter quarrels over money, land, etc. we can tackle other issues.

  15. Ego. Less of it.

  16. mario hernandez:

    remove all religion and all humans of just one sex and one race…..this is based on the three problems that cause most of the problems in the world….religion, race, and sex!

  17. Sally:

    toerance & acceptance of our differences, and gratitude for them too….

  18. Mhavz:


  19. Logan:

    Respect, acceptance, health, happiness.

  20. Reyhaneh:

    Emam Mahdi is The Only One who solves ALL the problems -of course with the help of ALLAH- when he comes

  21. Pia:


  22. Ash:

    the mind works in mysterious ways. problems only effect us after we have become aware of them.

  23. BubblesQ:


  24. sbprfppr:

    No one thing is going to solve all of our worlds problems. Everything can be corrupted Love turns to jealousy, respect turns to ultimatums between friends. Anything big enough to change the world is big enough to be changed.

  25. Tiny:

    A population of 8 million instead of 8 billion

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