Question 1312

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27 Responses to “Question 1312”

  1. Maddy:

    If I leave the world with more good than it had when I came into it.

  2. Kajsa:

    Living happily

  3. amin khajavi:

    Being happy and peaceful

  4. Mazl:

    enough with some to give away….. and it’s not really about money…

  5. Tapestry:

    Freedom from pain

  6. Susan:

    The first three words that popped into my mind:

  7. Eljai:

    satisfaction, knowing myself as interconnected, enjoying the people and things and places around me, feeling safe

  8. Intimus:

    Dying with an answer to that question.

  9. Jangelbelle:

    finding a lot of reasons to smile, laugh and just be happy with what I have

  10. Janice Smith:

    Finding happiness and leaving a legacy of some sort.

  11. Ale_o:

    cunstructing my own dreams, working for what Im passionate for, and grow old with my wife and kids on our own piece of land.

  12. ovander:

    feel happy with my life, my family and friends

  13. laine:

    having my dreams accomplished

  14. Fatty:

    Being successful, having friends, and family.

  15. AnneEnigma:

    Having the right regrets, when it all comes to the end.

  16. Good family relationships, trusted friends, working w animals, laughing a lot , having $, enough to buy healthy declious food, give to others, help animals. Independence, loving relationships not based on finical needs, having freedom of choice

  17. Juddles:

    Being Happy and True to yourself.

  18. I don’t know yet.

  19. live the hike:

    A little of Desiderata, Everyone free to Wear Sunscreen, What Will it Matter, and Holstee Manifesto.

  20. Kevin:

    being happy, living with no regrets, helping people, educating and improving myself everyday

  21. Sally:

    Being grateful and satisfied with what you have and not constantly chasing ‘more and better”

  22. kora:

    Ale_o has the right idea, its all about the land, with the people

  23. Mhavz:

    God-fearing, inner peace, my family’s financial security, will be able to help others and share blessings.

  24. Alicia Marie:

    family, peaceful, stable, happiness and simplicity.

  25. rayneir:

    No regrets.

  26. Kennedy:

    Completing or achieving the pursuit of happiness.

  27. BubblesQ:

    Be the change you want to see in this world 🙂

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