Question 1320

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26 Responses to “Question 1320”

  1. Trista Medrith Bryant:


  2. Mazl:

    my faith

  3. Tapestry:


  4. Kat:

    I had it answered before I came in here and Mazi said it for me….’My Faith’

  5. Debbie vdw:

    Time … To be where I want to be / To be with who I want to be / …

  6. jj:

    Being with people I love.

  7. Freedom

  8. sonu:

    Being wit d person I love

  9. Family

  10. Esra:

    my feelings.

  11. Esra:

    feelings matter most to me nothing else can be price less like feelings

  12. Abdel:

    Funny jokes on the Jimmy Kimmel shows!!! XD

  13. Kevin:

    My peace of mind

  14. Intimus:

    The moment when irony works spectacularly in my favor. Utterly brilliant.

  15. Sally:

    Faith in God, Love of my husband, security and peace of mind

  16. Sally:

    And Karma!

  17. Mhavz:

    Happiness of/with the people I love (family, friends, partner)

  18. rayneir:

    chaos theory

  19. sterling:

    my ability to create things into existence

  20. Joleen:

    My happy memories and: The view on the sea!

  21. Y:

    my peace of mind.

  22. Drew:

    Knowing I have that one special person in my life til death do us part

  23. Wayne C.:

    Happiness with it’s highs and lows!!

  24. BubblesQ:

    TRUST *

  25. LovelyMinx:

    My family, pets, and friends

  26. money

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