Question 1321

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17 Responses to “Question 1321”

  1. Susan:

    Nothing. Everything that has happened in my life has made me the strong woman I am today.

  2. Kat:

    Good answer Susan! I was gonna say something that happened when I was 13 but you are so right.

  3. ThoughtQuestioner:

    My life. Which is why I await the sweet kiss of Death.

  4. Debbie vdw:

    Something that happened when I was 14, but it made me stronger and a fan of sarcasm.

  5. SeCretsArEmOslLyBad:

    All the pain my father inflicted on our family.

  6. Intimus:

    I wish to forget my favorite story, so I can experience the whole thing. Again!

  7. All the times I have embarrassed myself

  8. Sally:

    My family, they were wicked

  9. Mhavz:

    Nothing. Every experiences I had made me a better person now.

  10. Heaven:


  11. Logan:

    All the times people took my pets from me as a kid.
    A kid needs his dog! Don’t sell him “Because it’s too loud!”

  12. rayneir:

    Child abuse

  13. Lisa:

    The man i love that roke up with me cause it broke my sprirt and heart (but want him in my life)

  14. Y:

    last summer.

  15. Adela:

    Nothing .

  16. Wayne C.:

    I don’t want to forget. Be it a good or a bad memory. Because from that experience, I learned, I grew into the person I am now and I am proud to be this person so if I neglect any of my memories I would simply neglect myself.

  17. Unbelievaburgers:


    I am walking over here.

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