Question 1322

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  1. Wanton:

    Emotional poison

  2. P:

    eating disorder and resulting ailments

  3. Darlene:

    Any emotion or thought process that takes your mind off of living: Sloth, Depression, sadness, fear, self doubt, insecurity, despair…

  4. Mazl:

    ignoring medical symtoms

  5. essanousy:

    internet connection

  6. Susan:

    The constant self-imposed stress, worry and pressure that I place upon myself which is mainly a result of my lack of self confidence and the ever present self doubt that exacerbates the stress, worry and pressure.

  7. Kat:

    Smoking and drinking, black lung and liver

  8. Kk:

    Allowing negativity outweigh the good in one’s life.

  9. Doing really stupid things that put your life in danger (thinks Jackass TV show.)

  10. Debbie vdw:


  11. Pam:

    Not addressing important issues of life eg financial, health, relationships, friendships at the right time. Creates stress when the issues become overwhelming all at once.

  12. Mm:

    My weight

  13. Jim:

    Recurrence of prostatic cancer.

  14. Abdel:

    Really to come to the point everything can shorten a human life.

  15. Kevin:

    Not seeing the beauty of life or not appreciating it

  16. Intimus:

    Dying (I am so sorry for this).

  17. The infected hole in my lung

  18. F.Rodrigues:


    Following the idea that Time is relative to our perception it and that our life is made of moments, and those that we are most happy are those which seems to pass quickier. Beign happy could mean that our life would appear shorter than unhappy.

    A worth trade, tho.

  19. Sally:


  20. Vince:

    Being shot multiple times in the genitals.

  21. rayneir:


  22. Andre:

    9 mm

  23. Y:


  24. Drew:

    Stessing about being in a relationship that does not provide peace of mind that I so desparately need

  25. Wayne C.:

    Taking some risks will definitely shorten my life but I’m okay with that.

  26. Kennedy:

    The abundance of stress.

  27. Having a job that kills me everyday

  28. Ralphie:

    Living in a Black neighborhood

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