Question 1323

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  1. P:


  2. AaeKay:

    Good health, lots of happiness and inner satisfaction!

  3. Kat:

    Have God in their lives and all good and happiness will follow

  4. Debbie:

    Good health

  5. Mm:


  6. jade:


  7. dette:

    Good health and contentment

  8. To feel good about who they are and to enjoy their life journey.

  9. Tami Lynn:

    Their fellow man (and woman).

  10. P:

    peace, self-awareness, nirvana

  11. Abdel:

    Pluto, the planet.

  12. DeannaLynn:

    PEACE ♥

  13. Mazl:

    a soulmate

  14. Troy:

    I wish that everyone I’ve loved would remember my love for them for their entire live. Not only to remember it but hold onto it and share its memories with others, because through our love for each other we will create an endless supply of kindness and love for all.

  15. Juddles:

    Hapiness and love <3

  16. Eljai:

    Good mental and physical health

  17. amirah:

    i wish they have a good health…live that we can always be together…love my family very much..parents…siblings..are the GREATEST gift from GOD to you <3 <3

  18. Kevin:


  19. Intimus:

    Vision, scope, grasp, understanding – anything to make them think outside the proverbial box.

  20. To accept themselves

  21. Pamela Rae:

    Definitely good mental and physical health and self esteem.

  22. Sally:

    The peace of God

  23. Alicia:

    happiness and peace <3

  24. Mhavz:

    Complete happiness and good health!

  25. Joleen:

    Finding what makes them complete.

  26. Y:


  27. Wayne C.:

    Definitely happiness 😀

  28. Heidi:

    To become friends with Jesus, brothers and sisters in a family of faith. Amen.

  29. I wish that they’ll find live their life with the love of people around them so they never feel alone

  30. Michelle:

    That he would deal with his fears & his past & stop hiding – he is stealing such a good life from himself.

  31. BubblesQ:

    Good health *

  32. dergumwong:

    Don’t be fooled anyone except himself.

  33. hi

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