Question 1325

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23 Responses to “Question 1325”

  1. jj:

    Mutual understanding, support, honest communication and freedom to be who you are, not having to pretend 🙂

  2. Mazl:

    Security and Respect – for the other to have the freedom to be themselves

  3. Tapestry:


  4. Yvonne:

    Trust & Honesty

  5. P:

    Unconditional love and the permission to be oneself

  6. Juddles:

    Happiness, communication and mutural love

  7. Authenticity and vulnerability in an atmosphere of fearlessness

  8. Eljai:

    Complimentary skill sets

  9. Some level of safety and stability.

  10. Bernadette:


  11. Intimus:

    Absolute loyalty.

  12. Happiness and stability.

  13. Sally:

    Peace, a piece and something to eat….

  14. Athira:

    open communications…freedom to be who u r wit unconditional love…support in evry sense…respect

  15. Mhavz:

    complete happiness and contentment.

  16. KT:

    love, respect, the feeling of importance and that you are significant, the ability to say and do anything and not be judged.

  17. rayneir:

    Nothing. It should be perfect the way it is.

  18. Lisa:

    Honest communication, intimacy, laughter, acceptance , and passion

  19. Drew:

    Peace of ming, knowing that no matter what happens in life you have that one special person you can count on. If the relatioinship does not provide that what is the point of being in that relationship

  20. Gnay:

    The room to take care of yourself for the other person. Trust, Honesty, respect, and mutual understanding. But mostly love and acceptance, with some forgiveness and mercy added for flavor.

  21. BubblesQ:

    Communication. Happiness. Unconditional Love.

  22. LovelyMinx:

    safety, love, trust, happiness, balance

  23. sbprfppr:

    A healthy relationship isn’t about what you gain. If it is healthy then neither party is obstructing the other one. A healthy relationship is one where neither party is harmed.

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