Question 1327

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  1. The Pure Silence,makes me happy

  2. P:

    daydreaming and indulging in things that others might disapprove of

  3. When I’m alone, I have greater clarity of mind. And it’s so much easier to hear the sounds of the world around me that I often miss when I’m involved with someone or something else. I also find that I slow down a bit and feel things more.

  4. Debbie:

    I like the quietness and the feeling of freedom to do whatever I want, when I want.

  5. Bernadette:

    Solitude allows me to take a breath. It gives me the insight I need to see the beauty, and the good all around me. It is peace of mind at it’s best!

  6. Mazl:

    choice – to do what I feel like, not what I have to do

  7. Debbie vdw:

    The silence, the absolute silence. The ability to be me.

  8. Joie de vivre:

    Just as Steve said: Clarity of mind. There are no distractions, only the opportunity to quietly reflect and appreciate life.

  9. Margarita:

    The Clarity. The space between my thoughts. The gift of reflection.

  10. Stephanie:

    I’m actually spending time with someone who takes me as I am.

  11. Intimus:

    Dancing and having no one around to witness the action!

  12. janel:

    you can think deeply. realize everything what you’ve done silence is everything

  13. No pressure to be “on”. I can just be quiet, or sedate, or lazy, with no-one expecting anything different, or judging.

  14. wanton:

    just being able to be me.

  15. I wish that I could move to Italy if I were single…

  16. Alicia:

    no pressure.

  17. Alex:

    Hearing your thoughts as they calming down. Being alone is the best moment to go through every thought of that day. You can realize. You can dream. You can become you, the real you even just for that moment. Appreciate.

  18. Mhavz:

    I will be able to think deeply with no pressure.

  19. jean:

    Solitude helps me to reflect on ideas and thoughts. It helps to analyse life and living in a better and more enchanting way. I develop a better understanding of life in solitude. Many of my ideas have changed & my experience molded me to the person I’m today.

  20. Zita:

    Peace. I can think clearly without distractions. No judgements.. Just being with myself and be me.

  21. Thao:

    being naked

  22. Drew:

    The quiet and the fact that being alone does not equal being lonely

  23. Wayne C.:

    What I like most is that there is no noise around. When I’m alone my concentration is certanly boosted as annoying noises and nuisances are out of the way.

  24. AnonymousLady:

    I can be myself. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone, so no one would judge me.

  25. BubblesQ:

    THINK *

  26. lola:

    I feel like I don’t have to put on a show or facade of being and acting happier than I am. I enjoy the silence without feeling the awkward pressure of having to engage and keep conversations I really don’t care about going.

  27. LovelyMinx:

    No judgement, for sure!

  28. in the moment being alone, I like the quiet and knowing I don’t have to put up with any drama from anybody.

  29. TheGirlWhoLived:

    Not having to live up to anyone else’s expectations

  30. dolores srledge:

    i just want to not have to speak, help anyone, or explain anything. just quiet and my own thoughts

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