Question 1330

Photo by: Dawn Ellner

20 Responses to “Question 1330”

  1. KK:

    The beach. I go almost everyday.

  2. Jim:

    To the public library, among the books and people I love.

  3. Susan:

    To sleep

  4. Debbie:

    I go to a local place called Fumee Lakes. Its 1,500 acres of natural preserve with over 500 acres being that of surface water. It’s nice because no motorized vehicles are allowed. There are different trails to walk and I’ve got a spot that I deemed as my own about 20 years ago. It’s a little hike in to some wet marsh, but it brings me to the edge of the larger of the two lakes and at sunset, it’s is one of the most beautiful places here in the U.P. of Michigan. That is where I go to get in touch with nature, reflect, and find peace.

  5. Karen:

    There is a riparian preserve by my house. I love to go watch the birds.

  6. Alex:

    I jump in my car, turn on some good music, and find a lonely, twisting road to just get lost on. Clears my mind, and relaxes me.

  7. Eljai:

    In reality rather than my separated version of reality

  8. Athira:

    in my mind

  9. Debbie vdw:

    A 20 minute drive to the beach (Knokke). The sound of the ocean calms me down.

  10. Juddles:

    @ Alex, you took the words right out of my mouth, exactley what i love doing 🙂

  11. Tissa:

    my books

  12. Katie:

    Walk my dog to the Lake

  13. Voodoo Child:

    Any Quiet Place

  14. silk:

    I take my camera and get lost in the countryside

  15. Joleen:

    To the sea. Or to the water.

  16. Lawrence:

    In my dreams coz am my true self…

  17. Leks:

    Out side at night when the world is sleeping

  18. Thao:

    The field of wild daisy

  19. BubblesQ:

    SEA 🙂

  20. CJG:

    In my mind and dreams,especially with some nice music to maintain relaxed before and after sleeping.

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