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  1. KK:

    Having a child of my own. I’ve moved and quit my job to go through treatment soon.

  2. Susan:

    I most care about just allowing God to guide me in all areas of my life and to free myself of worries. I strive to let go and let God take care of all things.

  3. Eljai:

    wondering if I can deal with my partner being stressed out during his busy season. He doesn’t deal with it well and our home becomes so tense it hurts.

  4. P:

    Getting into and finishing medical school; getting married and having a family someday

  5. doh:

    Personal- Finding the perfect girl
    Professional- Getting that butter bar

  6. song:

    Thanks ~

  7. Lou:

    Peace of mind

  8. Achieving peace and happiness whatever circumstances I create for myself

  9. kora:

    having a sturdy partner

  10. Mhavz:

    Peace and growth.

  11. Janice Smith:

    My relationships with others and my relationship with myself.

  12. Alicia Marie:

    personal: my Daughter and also, bettering myself
    professional: getting a raise

  13. Love & Smiles

  14. Bernadette:

    I agree with Lou, peace of mind. When you find this, all else falls into place.

  15. Logan:

    Personal – My own happiness, and enjoying my youth & health while I have it.
    Professional (School) – Learning skills and what I need for life to be happy.

  16. Cindy:

    My grandchildren and my health

  17. rayneir:

    Never ever be a hypocrite

  18. Fran:

    Personal: to love and be loved
    work: to do quality design work that positively affects people

  19. Maureen:

    Personal – getting my mental health in check and being happy and contented.

    Professional – Getting a good job I love and enjoy doing.

  20. Joleen:

    personal: How can I get the one person, I always wanted to be.
    professional: What the hell am I doing here?! And how am I supposed to live without any perspetive?

  21. Lawrence:

    personal…to find money
    professional…to get experience and money…
    am so broke

  22. Wayne C.:

    Personal: Developing myself as good as I can.
    Professional: Excelling in what I do every day.

  23. BubblesQ:

    Professional: Career Growth
    Personal: Brothers` Treatment

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