Question 1336

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24 Responses to “Question 1336”

  1. P:

    My parents

  2. Shawn:

    No one. I’m alone, with my 5 children…and it’s lonely.

  3. Susan:

    I would ask that God wrap his arms around me and my husband. With God there are no worries.

  4. Rob:

    Although this may sound terrible, my own. If I was finally free of all the material things that keep me in place I’d simply buy a good backpack, get on a plane and start exploring. The dollars from the insurance would keep me in fine traveling form for quite awhile.

  5. Karen:

    If I lost everything, I wouldn’t have anyone to run to. My people are my everything.

  6. Mhavz:

    GOD and MOM

  7. Heaven:

    his arms

  8. Joy:

    my children’s

  9. My faith

  10. rachel.:

    my sister
    i love her so much and i know that i don’t tell her often enough.

  11. M:

    i’d run to her arms

  12. Eljai:


  13. Vish:


  14. Randy Seabrook:

    I would run to the arms of my family.

  15. cgood2:

    I’d fall into the embrace of my soulmate.

  16. Brian:

    The only way I would lose everything would be to lose that person whose arms I’d want around me

  17. claire:

    God’s loving arms.

  18. Paula:


  19. Anna:

    Not my husband’s

  20. Wayne C.:

    Into myself; if that’s possible 😛
    Because I know best how to comfort myself.

  21. BubblesQ:

    Gerard *

  22. dergumwong:

    nobody or God

  23. madelyn:

    GOD and BFF

  24. Unbelievaburgers:

    The schmuck who stole all my stuff.

    I’d throw him off a mountaintop then take back all my stuff.

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