Question 1337

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32 Responses to “Question 1337”

  1. Mhavz:

    Tomorrow. It always bring new hope.. New beginning.

  2. going to sleep at night

  3. Mazl:

    playing the piano

  4. Susan:

    Spring & Summer

  5. Jim:

    Getting to the library.

  6. joie de vivre:

    waking up just before sunrise, and sitting quietly with my tea, watching the sun come up

  7. Autumn
    Time to Read
    When my wife comes home from work
    Going to the bookstore
    Visits from my brother Tom

  8. Stephanie:


  9. Janice Smith:


  10. ahmed:

    pray al fajr

  11. Alicia Marie:




  12. Spending a meaningful and fun time with my family

  13. Bernadette:

    Summer in the Colorado Rockies, sunshine, waking up to a brand new day.

  14. Eljai:

    Hearing my rabbits footfalls in the dark, when I can’t sleep and he comes to be with me

  15. Randy Seabrook:

    I always look forward to seeing my Husband and children each day when we all come home from work. I look forward to going on trips with my husband. I look forward to sitting on my couch and relaxing in our living room. I look forward to breakfast at our breakfast nook with my favorite teapot and my beautiful daughter.

  16. Suzi:

    Sleep. do nothing. sit in the beach n relaxing.

  17. ghulam murtaza khan:

    good news

  18. Brian:

    Finding out new things and meeting new people

    The smiles of the children and my wife to be as I come home from work after a day in the office or on the road to and from meetings

    Understanding my own insignificance to the universe while I watch the stars on a clear crisp night

    Laughter and amazement as my partner says precisely what I was thinking

  19. rayneir:

    New experiences and playing badminton

  20. Intimus:

    Restlessness… the kind that almost forces one to write, to create, and to share!

  21. Chica Roja:

    Finding my son and Daughter, I Love you Geo and Tessa!!

  22. Maureen:

    Sleeping…because I get to not deal with my life for that while
    Spending time with my close friends who make my burdens feel lighter

  23. Hotchkiss:

    Going Home

  24. Joleen:

    “One day I’m going to live near the sea and I can travel the world”

  25. Thao:


  26. Als:

    Talking to her (P & B ) – dream about her is ( P) love is hard

  27. Wayne C.:

    Hearing some music after study and getting better.

  28. Teresa:

    Summer, me-time, time spent with a special friend

  29. BubblesQ:

    SUMMER :)) ♥

  30. madelyn:


  31. lala001:

    Seeing and spending time with my son!!!;)

  32. Unbelievaburgers:

    My nose

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