Question 1338

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  1. Lei Lani:

    The one opportunity that I have now is the chance to be with the love of my life every night, but I am waiting for him to let go of the ghosts of his past and continue to let me in to his heart again. I have patience and perserverance and we are worth the few nights alone – I know we are better together than we could ever be writing our stories solo.

  2. Jim:

    Attending Toastmasters and learning how to be a better speaker.

  3. One opportunity I have not taken that I have now, is the time & capacity to WRITE daily. I do a number of posts but have let my writing fall by the wayside. I need to release all the bottled up ideas.

  4. Janice Smith:

    I have the opportunity where I live to get a dog, but for time constraints I opted for a cat instead.

  5. Alicia Marie:

    going back to college….

  6. Eljai:

    Speaking with a financial planner about my retirement account

  7. Randy Seabrook:

    The opportunity to be free of responsibility. I think that I am afraid that I will not be able to find the passions that will sustain me when I take this opportunity. My life has been my work and I have pushed all of my passions away to pursue my chosen career. I am not sure that I can find them again.

  8. To follow through with my intentions of being a nice person always.

  9. ghulam murtaza khan:

    let us hope it turns around

  10. Maureen:

    I am in a job not exactly in line with what I studied in college, but I still feel that if I use this opportunity, I could launch myself into greater things.
    But, FEAR.
    And the inner voice telling me that I can’t make it is the loudest of all.

  11. Teresa:

    I have yet another chance to make it right, and want to do just that

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