Question 1340

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26 Responses to “Question 1340”

  1. Hannah:

    I will never allow anyone to be abusive to me, or make me doubt my own intuition

  2. Diminish me.

  3. Mazl:

    put me in a position where I feel helpless and trapped and totally compromised of my established values

  4. Debbie vdw:

    No more abuse!

  5. Juddles:

    Break my heart

  6. Sue:

    I won’t let anyone get abusive with me whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional.

  7. Eljai:

    I cannot control the choices and actions of others. So…marry me. HA!

  8. Vish:

    hurting my feelings..

  9. know me completely

  10. Alicia:

    I will not tolerate lies or disrespect from anyone anymore!

  11. Devalue me through lies and deceit.

  12. rayneir:

    allow someone to be so close that they can break you

  13. claire:

    make me feel that I’am less beautiful , less smart and not capable of achieving my goal.

  14. Rach:


  15. Heaven:

    conquer me

  16. Curt:

    I cannot choose how others speak or act towards myself, I can only choose how I am to speak and my actions towards others. I will treat all men as gentlemen, not that all men are but because I am.

  17. Bjarke:

    I will never allow someone, to change who I really am.
    A broken heart, is a risk I will always take in the search of true love.

  18. Anna:

    Put me in a cage

  19. Maureen:

    I will never allow anyone to make me regurgitate past struggle, to make me start fighting a fight I fought years ago and lost just because they now feel that I was right back then. i will not let myself be sucked back into past drama knowing how much I have struggled to accept a reality I never expected.

  20. Mika:

    Swearing and yelling

  21. Teresa:

    Walk all over me, abuse my loyalty and friendship

  22. Jenn:

    Form my opinion

  23. BubblesQ:

    01082015 • From now on, I will not let ANY ONE dictate me and control my happiness *

  24. T:

    tell me who I am

  25. Goldfeder:

    Blackmail me.

  26. Ogre Master:

    Lick my over sized scrotum in the bathroom again.

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