Question 1341

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  1. A N Onymous:

    The dream is the day I can say ‘Nothing’

  2. Nebraskalady:

    I would have been more loving and patient with my husband who was very ill.

  3. Eljai:

    not pick up with Luke again, not relapse, get a better divorce lawyer. This is assuming I know what I know now.

  4. Jim:

    Not selling the furniture in our house before it closed.

  5. Vish:

    physically and mentally fit towards my goals,with new experience and energy..

  6. Bas:

    Gone back to school, not moved out of my apartment, not put my life on hold for someone else and definitely not take what people say at face value. I would expect them to prove what they said with concrete steps before basing my life on it.

  7. Janice Smith:

    Enjoyed undergraduate more

  8. I would of stopped drinking sooner. I would have 2 more years of sobriety.

  9. Mazl:

    I would have definitely gone to bed earlier and had more sleep.

  10. Tinyminx:

    I would leave my husband 5 years ago instead of last year.
    He controlled mel sapped me of confidence, energy, money. The liberation I felt when I finally did it was incredible.
    I stayed with him for the sake of 3 other people – him and our children. But in sacrificing my own feelings, I was throwing my life away and actually 4 of us were unhappy.

    He continues to be the negative person he always was, but I am free of those shackles and free to build the life I want.

  11. Alicia:

    I def would not have gotten married!!!!!

  12. John:

    Would have traveled to India to meet my soulmate

  13. Jamie:

    Realized I am smarter, stronger and braver than I ever imagined

  14. claire:

    go back to collage be the best that I can be. Graduate with honors and be proud of what I have.

  15. Curt:

    I would have look people more in the eye and said, Thank You!

  16. Zita:

    Stop being such a withdrawn weirdo in college and just enjoy it. and stop living in fear.

  17. KK:

    I would have started trying to get pregnant sooner. I’m running out of time.

  18. John:

    I would have saved my friend from killing herself. I would have convinced her to change her life positively and I would have asked her all the questions that I’m far too late in asking now.

  19. Anna:

    I would have emigrated to New Zealand when I had the chance.

  20. Maureen:

    I would
    -Practice better self care
    -Stand up for what I want and believe in and not let myself be put down
    -Fight for my happiness…do whatever I have to do
    -Build stronger relationships
    -Let go of those people that do not appreciate or take me the way I am and only hurt me whenever they can
    -Enjoy my college life more…have fun, go out, network, make more mistakes, Be Young.
    -Teach myself to be more in touch with my mental and emotional sides so as to control my thoughts and consequently my mental health.
    -Lay out specific goals for my life

  21. RSVR:

    I would not insist her to be in my life…. a decision I which i had taken couple of years ago, which changed me and the way i look at relationships now.

  22. sterling:

    find dance and guitar. be brave and love myself for who i am and not listen to outside forces

  23. Rishika Khan:

    I would get my sex changed and be a guy, and married the love of my life…

  24. Gloria:

    Try not to fall into mental illness, enjoy life more, leave him before i knew … And probably would have let myself die when i had the chance.

  25. Lawrence:

    Sit down eat drink have fun! get closer to friends, be stronger know people learn learn…sleep more and be brave enough to date her instead of making her my best friend

  26. Mika:

    I would never come to Australia

  27. Joleen:

    I would begin to search for different colleges and jobs more earlier, maybe I would change my school and I would definitely save more money 🙂

  28. Wayne C.:

    I would’ve begun earlier reading more books and developing certain skills that come with that.

  29. Teresa:

    I would not have allowed the loser ex-boyfriend to move in so soon after my divorce and instead looked harder for the one I really love

  30. Heidi:

    *Got help for my depression
    *Not have had sex before marriage
    *Given school my full effort

  31. Jenn:

    Go on a date with my current boyfriend, instead of waiting 10 years to do so

  32. BubblesQ:

    I would open a savings bank account and save money for rainy days *

  33. Goldfeder:

    Work harder and waste less time, e.g., on the internet.

  34. madelyn:

    I would work hard on my examination so that I’ll pass with flying colors and conquer everything

  35. Ady:

    Trust him more and more..
    Listen to him more and more..
    Love him more and more..

  36. Ogre Master:

    I would make sure that special man would feel me all over the place all the time 24/7 non stop all night long.

  37. Unbelievaburgers:

    Avoid vacuous black people

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