Question 1342

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  1. Randy Seabrook:

    I would tell the world that we are all brothers and sisters on this planet and we must work together to save this planet and ourselves. I would tell them that we all worship the same God in all of his embodiments and that we are all searching for the same things. I would ask them to put aside their petty differences and look toward higher more profound goals. Then I would tell them that it is time to get to work on the real problems confronting us and stop acting like children.

  2. we are all made of love. we are all one. love is all.

  3. Tammy B:

    Let’s just all get along! Peace!!

  4. Angel:

    Each one, teach one, something good.

  5. Eljai:

    There is no “them”, there is only “us”. Think on it, live it.

  6. Marcus:

    I would remind them that they have limited time on this Earth and to use their giftings to benefit all of us–WE NEED EACH OTHER!

  7. Lana:

    Love conquers all!

  8. I would help people understand that we never see the end of each act of goodness we do for others; Plain and simple.

  9. Nivi:

    Help each other.. there is poverty all around the world… many ppl die of starvation.. help them(especially the millionaires)

  10. Suzi:

    Don’t be selfish. Be nice to each other. I mean YOU! YES, YOU!!

  11. ghulam murtaza khan:

    do not hurt anyone. respect others rights. avoid being offensive. help needy. never waste time.

  12. Annie Pham:

    “Well, this 10-second thing would be meaningless to all of you, but it is, in many ways, the best chance that shows others that I, myself, an ordinary person having done nothing big at all, at least could speak my voice once, and be heard by almost 8 billion human beings.” Really, that’s how I gonna waste the precious 10-second?

  13. Gretchen:

    Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.

  14. Mac:

    pain is lost and love is to give every thing! Life is to live be beyond fears and doubts. there are 1000 reasons to fail, it only take 1 heart,1 mind and 1 soul to say yes i will do the imposable.

  15. Paula:

    immerse your soul in love

  16. Curt:

    A Ten seconds speech once off will never do, but give each person that stands before you in this life just ten seconds of true love. Give ten seconds of love to those you love, give it to those that don’t deserve it form you. And most important, give just ten seconds of your time in true love to those who don’t get any!

  17. i will tell the world that “no matter what your decisions might have cost you..JESUS still loves YOU!”

  18. Sam:

    don’t say hi, its a waist of your time, so is explaining yourself. be selfish, you are the most important person in your life, and all you can truly control. be proud of yourself and if you’re not proud make yourself proud.

  19. Intimus:

    “Here’s looking at you, kids! Yeah, that’s not my catch phrase to begin with.”

  20. Andrew Prem:

    Seriously People !!! “Live Your Life To The Fullest”

  21. Bjarke:

    “Just be nice”

  22. Hassan:

    Where will you spend your eternity?

  23. sterling:

    to be strong and love yourself. it makes the harshness of life easier. and dance cause dancing is not always a choreographed thing. it can be free

  24. Gloria:

    So long suckers ! peace.

  25. yhan:

    when the air is dirty
    when all the water is poisoned
    then you can realize you can never eat money.

  26. Lawrence:

    Love is the key…
    God is real

  27. Joleen:

    The world can be cruel, but you just have to find a way to get through it and find some friend who will help you. Together everything is easier!

  28. BubblesQ:

    Life is too short to waste it. Always live life the way you want and never let anyone control your happiness. Never give up on something that you really want to achieve. Live. Love. Pray. Eat. Forgive. Forget. Travel. Peace. Unite. Be happy 🙂

  29. craig:

    Quit reproducing, the world is overpopulated. Overpopulation is our biggest problem.

  30. Ady:

    Being selfless.. Love UNCONDITIONALLY.. Trust our GOD..

  31. lola:

    Everything you do and feel and think you are, everything that drives you that prevents you from having what you want is bullshit. Every excuse, failure, fear and every “no” isn’t there to stop you, and it isn’t permanent. No matter how much it hurts or how hopeless you think it is or how bleak the situation looks or what kind of paper your gift is wrapped in, every situation has something profoundly beautiful to offer you.

    I know it’s longer than 10 seconds sorry!

  32. Ogre Master:

    I thought that I was gay in the 3rd grade, and I was right.(applause)

  33. LovelyMinx:

    World! trust in the Universe, that everything what happened or will happen, was and is for your own good!

  34. Vex:

    you all just lost the game, legalize pot, that is all.

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  36. yeet:

    yeet yee yeet

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