Question 1343

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29 Responses to “Question 1343”

  1. Dave:

    I’d ask OJ Simpson if he was guilty of murder. I am curious.

  2. Jim:

    I would ask Predident Obama where he was born.

  3. Mazl:

    I would ask Jesus Christ what he really thinks of us

  4. Hannah:

    I would ask the top spokesperson for the biotech/GMO food industry: “Which foods on the market contain genetically modified ingredients? Please give a list of specific brands and exact details.”

  5. Lei Lani:

    I would ask my dad why he raped never and over for eight years.

  6. maya:

    If it is an a cues I would tell him am very grad for you said the truth and never wrong the same sin again

  7. ghulam murtaza khan:

    Offer of suitable job after my retirement at 60 when my resources shrank to 50% and expenses keep on increasing. any employers may answer.

  8. I would ask whether 9/11 was an inside job, but I don’t know who could answer.

  9. Colline:

    I’d ask president of Korea she is trust worthy or not…

  10. I would ask my mother if she was really happy in her life before she passed away!

  11. Destiny:

    I would ask God are we really here for a purpose or as pawns in this game of life

  12. Paula:

    i would ask him if he still hates me

  13. Curt:

    I would ask myself on my death bed. Have I learned to love?

  14. Hotchkiss:

    I would ask anyone when missing in Bermuda Triangle “what do you REALY experience in Bermuda Triangle?”

  15. Hotchkiss:

    I would ask anyone went missing in Bermuda Triangle “what do you REALLY experience in Bermuda Triangle?”

  16. Zita:

    I would ask him if he still loves me.

  17. Intimus:

    I would ask Theodore Roosevelt or Alexander Hamilton if they enjoyed irony.

  18. Lawrence:

    I would ask my crush if am wasting my time

    And then ask God why???

  19. Joleen:

    I would ask a friend of mine what se really thinks of me…

  20. ERA:

    I would ask him if he ever loved me

  21. Heidi:

    I would ask Jesus, “Where exactly should I go?”

  22. BubblesQ:

    I would ask my brother why he did THAT something that ruined his life *

  23. vazquez:

    I would ask Lucifer for his side of the story

  24. Goldfeder:

    I would ask her why she acts the way she does. 🙁

  25. craig:

    I would ask the Christians, Jews, and Muslims why they have killed, and continue to kill in the name of religion.

  26. Mike:

    I would ask a girl I still love who is with another guy if she ever had feelings for me.

  27. madelyn:

    I would ask him, if he loves me

  28. Ady:

    Can we be like yesteryear’s?
    Tetet, my husband..

  29. Unbelievaburgers:

    Got any change? Obama.

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