Question 1347

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  1. ER:


  2. vithya:

    How to be fit by Physically and Mentally?

  3. Mazl:

    nasty, unhelpful and unnecessary comments

  4. Eljai:

    Ads that cover up content and MOVE when you try to close them. Sites that wont let you back out of them, you have to go back to history to escape them or type in another address, and Dr OZ that purple gloved pervert that likes to handle women’s body fat after it’s been removed from their bodies. They are going to find corpses under his floorboards someday, I gaurantee it.

  5. essanousy:

    cat videos

  6. valsank:

    Trash tv

  7. Plz follow hotel India main kaun se hotel hai Jo sab se bada hai

  8. claire:

    Selfie photos, nonsense drama of other people.

  9. Rach:


  10. Paula:

    war news

  11. Curt:

    Flashing FREE! then just pay here. I love Americanise but sometimes our culture blindness is just that. In our Country South Africa Free means you do not have to pay any money. Its free of charge. You get it as a Gift. Well it’s just an idea you can take it for free, or leave it, it’s free.
    But have a blessed Free day.

  12. Janelle:


  13. Vee:


  14. Leanna:


  15. Ruby:

    Narcism and Random Rants

  16. Intimus:

    Youtube… comments. I should just avoid them altogether in any case.

  17. Richard:

    advertisement, Facebook, Kardashian family, women posing their lady parts, immature men, non-profit scams.

  18. Dale:

    Lose Belly Fat Ads!!!!

  19. JJ:

    When we think we are going forward in life, we see news like “Y person killed for loving Z person”, rape, hate, so much anger… It kills me.

  20. I am tired of seeing, videos where they lead you to an marketing strategy to purchase a product.

  21. Ramakrishna C:

    Stupid Advertisements.. duds talking of anything under the sun.

  22. kaiskidoodle:


  23. A:


  24. Maureen:

    People calling others ugly, or poor because they do not have access to expensive things.

  25. Carol:

    Videos with intriguing trailer lines. “You won’t believe what happened next!”

  26. Lawrence:

    pop up ads

  27. Wanton:

    what ‘friends’ did/ate/saw/felt/thought yesterday/the day before and hating on anything & everything…

  28. Joleen:

    People who think they’re better just because noone can see their real face and then they say something that really hurts you but you can’t say something. Just because you know it better.

  29. Wayne C.:

    The ALS Ice Buckte Challenge. Don’t get me wrong this challenge is a wonderful thing but since it has gone viral people are doing it for all the wrong reasons. They don’t do it MAINLY because they want to contribute to the ALS research but they do it MOSTLY to get attentionin my opinion.

  30. Teresa:

    Stories about celebrities (Justin Bieber, the Kardashians, etc.) when there are more important things going on… nobody cares

  31. Kennedy:

    Hatred and stupidity.

  32. sassiebrat:

    ANYTHING Kardashian, Lohan, celeb kids who have done nothing (he Willis sisters)! BLEGH!

  33. BubblesQ:

    Too much selfies *

  34. Kelly:

    Inaccurate information and over reporting of rare events that make people believe they occur more often than they do

  35. Röx:


  36. Goldfeder:

    Hateful comments, especially by sexist/racist trolls.

  37. craig:

    I am tired of people totally absorbed with being online. They sit in a room all alone, and say they have hundreds of friends. Tired of hearing about social media and the social network. Wake up, the real social network is right out your front door.

  38. madelyn:


  39. CJG:

    The people in either side of “flame wars”, more like vulgarity and insults, in the comments. I like discussions and debates when evidence and logic is involved but when you start insulting someone racially or dumb them down for not suiting ones needs, that’s plain disrespectful and embarrassing.

  40. Ralph:

    Anti porn websites.

    Nudes of my dad

  41. Dion:


  42. Grace:

    ads and articles on how to be sexy for him

  43. Victoria:

    One thing I am tired of seeing online is any negative newsfeed.

  44. Alta:

    all the hate
    stories of animal abuse (they tear me apart inside)
    political BS
    over saturation of news that literally tells people step by step how to commit copycat crimes

  45. yeet:

    Fortnite ads

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