Question 94

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20 Responses to “Question 94”

  1. For me, freedom is the opportunity to choose what to do.


  2. Romer Jed:

    Freedom is being able to…

    laugh without reservation,
    love with your heart and soul,
    learn without the need for grades,
    listen to whatever rocks or smooths you,
    look and analyze whatever you want,
    and most importantly…

    to live for the people you want to live for.

  3. shelby:

    Freedom to me is nothing like my life now.
    It is the ability to not be trapped in your own mind and to be able to be confident and happy

  4. Laura:

    Freedom is the ability to do what you want without worrying about what other people will think of you. For me, the only way to be completely free is to be completely alone or completely anonymous…

  5. Candice:

    Freedom is following your heart… true happiness.

  6. Freedome for me is allow yourself to say,
    I am free, in every aspect 🙂

  7. Laura:

    Currently to me, Freedom has been defined by one word: Summer.

    But to me, freedom is really the feeling where you are truly happy, where nothing could bring you down.

  8. Yre:

    Life is full of constrictions, so to me, freedom would be death.

  9. JJ:


  10. Nintendo:

    Being able to take off my pants and go around the mall without anyone staring.

  11. Valerie:

    Flight. Defying gravity.

  12. melinda:

    the ability to do all and anything one person wants to do, without getting in the way of other people’s wants.

    kind of limited actually.

  13. alli:

    freedom to me is unrestricted chances to be whoever you are and whoever you want to become.

  14. Jenny:

    Love.. no strings attached.


    doing what i love run: my secret hide out i forget who i am and my problems vanish they stay while i run

  16. alexa:

    for me, a day at the beach, laughing, being with special people in my life, makes me feel free.

  17. Rachel:

    Freedom to me, is letting no one have control over you, at all.

  18. April:

    Do anything you want.
    Living your dreams.

  19. Megan:

    Freedom is the point where nothing is holding you back. You no longer have fears or attachments to things. I know the question says in your own words, but there is no better description than “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

  20. Nick:

    It’s doing something to satisfy us with no negative consequences.
    Living life that matters.
    Achieving what you want to achieve.

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