Question 1349

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32 Responses to “Question 1349”

  1. alilmsartie:

    1. Sex
    2. Space Moutain (disneyland ride)

  2. Mazl:

    greek yoghurt

  3. KK:


  4. Maureen:

    Happy days spent doing something fun with my spouse.

  5. Vee:


  6. Jennifer:

    Learning, experiences, loving, and giving

  7. Lei Lani:

    Spending time with the people who I love the most.

  8. Leanna:

    New Orleans

  9. Ann:

    Great music and good books

  10. Ruby:

    vacations with family and loved ones

  11. Intimus:

    A blank canvas.

  12. Bjarke:

    true love

  13. Anna:


  14. Aria:

    Backpacking 🙂

  15. Maureen:

    When I spend time with someone who I feel understands; those people are few, and I never want that moment to end. People to whom I can talk about life and feel connected to.

  16. Jeff H.:

    SEX…..not going to lie.

  17. Wayne C.:

    Hearing my favourite music. I always listen to it but I just can’t get enough!

  18. Teresa:

    Quality time with that special someone

  19. Kennedy:

    Hot chocolate!

  20. Charlie:


  21. mari:


  22. BubblesQ:

    Vacation — should be away from the city *

  23. Röx:

    Sex. Free days.

  24. Unbelievaburgers:


  25. madelyn:


  26. CJG:

    Music, it fuels my soul and sets my emotions.
    Or in other words, music gives me the dopamine needed to feel great and do something creative.

  27. T Stillman:

    Weight training

  28. Ralph:

    Goin gay- you get the best lovers that way.

  29. sbprfppr:


  30. Victoria:

    Something that always leaves me with wanting more is a hug.

  31. Di:

    Knowledge definitely

  32. victorious:


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