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  1. joie de vivre:

    I had several teachers who had a huge positive influence on my life, but I was young and never told them or thanked them. Now, many years later, I wish I’d said, ‘Thank you for caring and making a difference in my life’. To today’s teachers, please know that your caring and kindness are felt and appreciated, even if the little ones don’t tell you themselves.

  2. one of my sisters died suddenly a few years ago…..we had a huge row the year before she died (I live overseas)….Im not sure I told her how much I always admired her…. I did however write and say I love you and Im sorry…she never responded…..

  3. Eljai:


  4. sunny:

    im sorry, please don’t marry her, ill come back.

  5. P:

    I love you. Thank you. Sorry.

  6. Bridget:

    asking for help. telling them how much they really effect my life.

  7. Intimus:

    I regret never telling those around me that I appreciate their company everyday and remind them how beautiful today is.

  8. Chica Roja:

    That I never told my Aunt that her husband (my uncle) had molested me when I was 12 yrs old…

  9. Liz:

    That a bad thing happened to me when I was 15. Wish I’d told anyone who could have helped me see it wasn’t my fault and could help me deal with it constructively rather than through self destruct. If I had then my life could have been so different and a lot of pain & suffering could have been avoided. But I was too young and afraid and I forgive myself.

  10. Pix:

    To my children – at all their ages (they are in their 20’s & 30’s now) – over and over – I wish I had made it clear – how wonderful they each are in their own unique way & how blessed I feel that I was “Allowed” (by God) to BE their mother!!

  11. Assie:

    for him to leave as soon as he walked in the door.. wasted years of my life with him.. and he still wont leave me alone.

  12. L:

    Thank you for being you.

  13. wis:

    Asking for help, talk about how bad you feel inside, fearing everybody will not take you serously/not care at all.

  14. Alicia:

    Telling my father how much I loved him before he went to be with the Lord. He fought his illness till the end, I regret not telling him how brave I think he was.

  15. YOLI:

    telling my nephew to live life to the fullest, his what cut short by a car accident on his birthday

  16. Ricky:

    My Dope Operation (Canada)

    I’m trying to get my grade 10, but i cant since Lahey and Randy likes to be in my buisness, All i want todo is grow dope and drink…. but i dont want to tell any body… but i regret not getting my grade 10. but who gives a fuck about my dope operation? no body but Julian, Bubbles And my self…..
    But now my whole family is in jail… my daughter was driving my car with open liquor and no tags… my wife is a whore. and my dad was doing insurance fraud…So now i have to sell some dope to get them out… but like every week julian, bubbles and I end up in jail but its cool since we get free dope and beer..

  17. that i never told him i had feelings for him all those years. he probably already knew. but i would love to see what might have been. i guess i would have fucked that up too!

  18. Teresa:

    “I’m sorry for doubting you” … to his face, not in a text message. But I hope to rectify that soon

  19. rachel:

    I love you Glen David Saxon and I am sorry I did what I did. I should of chosen you instead. I hurt you so much and after all this time, you are still on my mind.

  20. March:

    I love you. Im sorry. I detest you. Thank you. Bye. I mean it.

  21. Delexus:

    What they meant too me.

  22. Emily:

    “I’m leaving you” and meaning it. I should have left before he left me.

  23. BubblesQ:

    How I really feel *

  24. Röx:

    ¨I hate you¨ Exactly these words.

  25. Unbelievaburgers:

    A more detailed description of where to pick me up

  26. Mike:

    Saying “No”

  27. madelyn:

    I do love you too

  28. Mudhoney:

    that even after all the shit we’ve been through, I’m the real person who’s still cared for you

  29. Natalie:

    I regret that I never fully apologized for leaving you for him. It was the worst decision of my life to hurt you the way I did, and sometimes I think I put up with his abuse just to punish myself for what I did. I wish we could be friends again…

  30. T Stillman:

    “I love you, I don’t want to break up. We can stay together.”

  31. Ralph:

    That I was gay for my dad

  32. Victoria:

    One thing I regret most not telling someone is how much I like and value them as a person.

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