Question 1357

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  1. Emily:

    Sport, diets (though i used to), celebrity culture, reality shows etc. the news

  2. Jenn:

    Celebrity gossip

  3. BubblesQ:

    Cigarette smoking can shorten my life. I want to stop, but I dont know how. It`s all in the mind, yep, but I just dont know how 😐 HELP!

  4. Röx:

    What color is the dress -_-

  5. craig:

    A cell phone, smart phone, iPhone, selfies, texting. you get the idea. people walk around like idiots glued to those things. Get a life, people!

  6. madelyn:


  7. Jelly:

    Hiking. Suddenly everyone’s interested in hiking and I’m like, “Nah. I’ll just chill at home.”

  8. Antz:


  9. Ady:

    My shame…

  10. CJG:

    Religion, I like the stories and philosophy since its a self reflection and point of view of humanity yet I hate the guilt churches and institutions portray of its teachings.

    Politics, its fine since its important for me and my country yet others take advantage of it.

    Science, I like the exploration of new ideas but i dislike when others dismiss so quickly of old views and ideas.

    Moral of my story, I care less because why worry about it yet people dramatize it to suit their needs.

  11. Blue:


  12. Brandon:

    watching “Shrek is Love, Shrek is life”

  13. LovelyMinx:

    I feel that you can’t make everyone happy, as long as it makes me happy, and if someone doesn’t agree with me, than they should not do it for themself. I’m not living someone else’s life

  14. Politics

  15. Unbelievaburgers:

    Showing up to church “sober”

  16. Suzanne:


  17. Bruna:

    Pleasing Everybody

  18. Aline:

    Global Warming

  19. varun:

    the arguments over small money matters

  20. Gidian:

    Having children of my own.

  21. bieler:

    murder and theft
    im so ashamed of myself

  22. Anon:

    Have a boyfriend, get married, have a family…. Guys I met are trying so hard to prove themselves. C’mon, just be true to yourself. The world nowadays has already put so much pressure on guys to have a stable career and having properties before they turn 30. I totally get it. If you don’t have a car or a stable career, I will not judge you! Just be yourself.

  23. Alta:


  24. read spam

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