Question 1358

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50 Responses to “Question 1358”

  1. P:

    Saying things they don’t mean or doing things they later regret

  2. KM:

    not being true to themselves

  3. mins:

    Trusting the wrong person

  4. Ginger:

    Leading someone on.

  5. Harriet:

    Take someone for granted.

  6. Carolyn:

    Projecting our feelings onto someone else.

  7. Mari:

    Give up too early.

  8. Paige:

    Judge someone’s actions without taking the time to understand his or her intentions.

  9. Wis:

    To not get help when they should.

  10. To believe they could do something they couldn’t and to believe they couldn’t do something they could.

  11. Kristina:

    Getting into too much debt or in general spending more than they make

  12. Jan:

    Letting the right one go. And letting the wrong ones in.

  13. Geoff:

    Not treating the ones you love, like you should treat them

  14. Joleen:

    Hurting someon they love

  15. overindulging

  16. Ria:

    Enduring a toxic relationship.

  17. GD:


  18. Tess:

    Eating sushi at a buffet.

  19. FLIN:

    Not going with their gut feelings when it is strongly felt

  20. A:

    falling in love for the wrong person…

  21. Danielle Stringer:

    Forgetting who you truly are
    By allowing too much dark in after too much light was taken for granted

  22. Randy Seabrook:

    Ignoring your early warning signals- the uneasy feeling, the vague stomach ache, the creeper feeling you get when you are in the wrong place or with the wrong person. Always leads to something bad.

  23. Mazl:

    Buy something from a salesperson because you have spent too much time with them, you like them or you feel sorry for them and you feel obligated. Wrong – never works out!

  24. Teresa:

    Confiding in someone you think you can trust and then being betrayed by them and discussing details of your relationship with someone else

  25. Cindy:

    Staying in a relationship once it has become toxic.

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  27. tgtv:

    These days : saying YOLO

  28. Delexus:

    Forgiving the same people over and over.

  29. brad:

    I. love. you.

  30. brad:

    i love you

  31. Emily:

    Loving someone who doesn’t love them

  32. Intimus:

    People will always give other peoples’ thoughts too much thought.

  33. anoshy:

    to fantasize the happily ever after

  34. HR Reddy:

    forgetting oneself…

  35. Röx:

    Worrying a lot

  36. Donita:


  37. Brandon:

    forgetting to put on protection when you need it most.

  38. LovelyMinx:

    forgetting what one loves to do

  39. Unbelievaburgers:

    Forgiving poor people for their crimes.

  40. Suzanne:

    Holding on too long. Showing up at his door even after he told you he never loved you.

  41. Justin:

    Misunderstanding and spreading that information to other people is damaging

  42. secret:

    giving up too easily, lying and stuff i do i would not say

    i fucked up

  43. George:

    1-trust in others an excessive space.
    2-don’t trust yourself enough.

  44. varun:

    choosing a wrong path in life

  45. Jodi:

    Falling in love with him.

  46. Vex:

    rubbing their eyes after handling chili of some kind

  47. Nick:

    Asking a girl on a date and she says “no”.

  48. Emmanuel:

    Revealing deep truths about yourself to people who make light of it.

  49. Anon:

    Hang on to someone that diminish your self-worth for a very long time.

  50. HappyM2020:

    Loving a person so much you lose yourself and not realise they don’t love you the way you love them.

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