Question 1360

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  1. Debbie:

    Why did he leave?
    Why did she die so soon?
    Is he the one?

    Maybe I will never know, maybe it’s better for me to never find out.
    But will i ever find peace with not knowing? No!

  2. snub:

    Is he the one?
    Am I really destined for this insane path?
    What would have happened if we had been.
    If I’ll ever see you again..will you be the same person you were then?

  3. Antz:

    If any path I choose for my career will be the best or the only one.

  4. CJG:

    I will never fully know if humanity will accept for its atrocities which inflicts itself. To those who demonize and oppress a large group of innocent people just cause of a narcissistic few of the same group and yet later when they commit such atrocities, they cover it up and deny such actions exist.We all blame race and ethnicity but hate and greed has no preference in color nor background.

  5. Brandon:

    `if I can have children

  6. LovelyMinx:

    Why some people do what they do, mostly.. and why it sometimes just isn’t meant to be, and when it is supposed to be, why it doesn’t work out the way i planned.. but when a door is closed another door opens, and that is just what keeps life interesting, it’s contradiction

  7. if there’s forever

  8. Unbelievaburgers:

    Why I can never manage to normally read as much as I can in the shower 🙁

  9. Suzanne:

    What he was doing that morning I caught him in a lie.

  10. nat:

    nobody knows when their time has come.

  11. varun:

    the thoughts in others mind, if i dont talk to them; what happens in the next minute

  12. Nick:

    If their is alien life in are galaxy.

  13. TheGirlWhoLived:

    If my mother would have hated who I’ve become since her death (like I think she would), or if she would have loved me unconditionally (like she said she would).

  14. Myself

  15. Anon:

    Myself, my mind. I justify my own thoughts, I create my thoughts, I create the reality and the fantasy. I don’t know what is the truth anymore.

    So, I focus what makes me happy, fulfilling, loved and comfortable. Maybe this is how my body tells me the truth. I just have to experiment it.

  16. Alta:

    if I am normal

  17. Diamonds NLR:

    Why I suffer so much loss?

    Why I God let those things happen to me?

    Why can’t I be Happy?

  18. the future

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