Question 1364

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  1. LovelyMinx:

    smoking, worrying, doubt

  2. Unbelievaburgers:

    The urge to perform unholy acts upon STD-riddled apples

  3. Patrick:

    Material things;
    Care with the peoples tinks about me;

  4. I would remove my temptation to cuss people whenever they do bad stuffs

  5. Suzanne:

    The temptation to drive around looking for him. Looking for answers that I probably don’t want.

  6. Robert Whitefeather:

    Sugar; That stuff is going to wind up killing me.

  7. butterflyorchids:

    – saying “i will do it later/tomorrow”

  8. Knit57:

    candy, cookies, and cake.

  9. George:

    Postponement – Masturbation – Rushing, it’s mean impatience

  10. Richard Alen:

    I’d like to change my boring & miserable behavior in routine life

  11. Michelle Son:

    Indulging in high-carb snack

  12. varun:

    to think of the past without learning from it

  13. KG:

    Worrying and my sweet tooth

  14. negar.vrn:

    I”ll the most enjoy than everything i have now

  15. Maz:

    Thick greek yoghurt and a long spoon

  16. John:

    if I throw out disobedience and laziness and greed I would be wiser

  17. Min:

    Indulging in high-carb snack

  18. hihi:


  19. Min:


  20. Wesal:

    Proscrationation, lack of self confidence and anxiety.

  21. TOTI:

    i think learn how to live life right

  22. I would like to remove “ANGER”.

  23. excess food temptation, anger, worry, self-doubt

  24. Nick:

    I would remove being a game designer.

  25. raviteja:


  26. Paulo:

    Wake up blaming myself

  27. priyadarshin:

    i would like to stop gossiping about others,and to control my anger.

  28. George:

    If I had a genie in a lamp, I would ask it 3 wishes. Freedom from procrastination, freedom from anxiety, freedom from being me

  29. Gidian:


  30. Creamy:

    luxury and money

  31. yager, Jacey:

    I would remove anything that would distract me from my job



  33. Steam Punk Bunny:

    Flesh! I’m ready to go any time when you say ‘Game Over’, Universe. It’s not like I hate it here, there are perks – kissing, spine chills from beautiful sights, ice-cream-brain-freeze with friends on a warm sweaty summers day, high fives, jumping in large puddles of water and feeling the splash splash, bike rides stretching out the legs, wind, cool breeze on the small hair on the back of your hand… BUT! flesh is such a drag on a spirit that desires to be infinite, boundless and part of the greater stream of everlasting eternal consciousness.

  34. SlapHappySpaceMonkey:

    Reading the comments to see if I’m normal.

  35. Anon:

    Money because it is the only thing that stops me from doing something bigger and better to serve the world. It’s frustrating that I have to start small for a period of time, not sure how long it takes to earn enough to take me there. By then, it is never enough and eventually I would be distracted my initial goal: Serving the world vs chasing for money.

    Next,romance. It is unattainable. It is a fantasy. It is a drug. It is complete waste of time and energy. Because it distracts me from loving myself to doubting myself to change for his satisfaction and acceptance.

  36. Jessy:

    Two things: hot temper and procrastination.
    A rash decision and expression have exacerbated the situation. Additionally, procrastination is not only aggravating the situation but also no lesson.

  37. I generally have no weakness, though I must admit I am occasionally tempted by the Big 3:

    – The void

    – Apples

    – BBBs (calipygious women)

  38. Sexual thoughts about girls when they flirt with me.

  39. 천사선우:


  40. Brigitte:

    I would be better off removing the temptations to remove these temptations from my life.

  41. Her Here:

    Smoking, worrying, self doubt, anger, procrastinating, him…

  42. Unbelievaburgers:

    Leading a trite existence is definitely the easy path.

    I hate how much I keep putting off indulging my curiosity about smoking, overeating, falling to pieces after losing a love and other common addictions.

    If only I could remove White women from this world, I’d be much more able to focus on what matters most in life – contributing to something greater than myself, helping others become the best they can be and protecting children and animals from harm. Sadly, the temptation is real and will never go away. And so the world continues to circle, round and round, suffering more and more, inevitably towards oblivion.

  43. Sohyun:

    i think.. just sleep.. and listen to music.

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