Question 96

Photo by: Santa Rosa

56 Responses to “Question 96”

  1. Ris:

    Her: “Do you even see the last 18 years have been nothing but you murdering me?”

  2. Sabrina:

    To God: Am I on the right track?

  3. F:

    Call me crazy but…
    Adolf Hitler. “You see, you sended the whole world in a war, killed billions of people… Honestly, why?” (Because this whole racism-Nazi-thing doesn’t make any sense to me. Why does somebody hate some kind of people THAT much?)

  4. Nick:

    Jesus: “Will you still accept me after all I’ve done?”

  5. Joey:

    god person (lower case g): are you real?

  6. Joleen:

    Is it important to believe in you to come to heaven or can I believe in whatever and I can join you?

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