Question 98

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  1. I suppose small dogs, I have always liked them.


    P.S. I think this question is getting away from the “thought” part of “thought questions”. But maybe thats just me.

  2. Romer Jed:

    Mouse, because they are small and cute.

    They run around and can find their ways through even the largest of places to find what they need to survive and thats pretty impressive. Also they are unique and can prove themselves fierce against the strongest and bigger of opponents.

    So they are my favorite animals.

    P.S. Mice are not Rats.

  3. moca:

    I’ve always been drawn to the elephant. There are strong, determined, wise, loyal and they persevere. These are all the qualities I have needed to get through my life, mostly strength and determination to survive. The family dynamics also draw me in as the herd is all females with one matriarch, I guess you could call her, that leads the herd and helps the younger female elephants. Also strangely enough, like an elephant I also never forget who hurts me, I use it to make me stronger and someday I may have to put the fear of god into him…or maybe I’ll just let it go and let the universe take care of him, karma gets everyone in the end.

  4. Laura:

    Dolphins. They’re so intelligent, yet they still are playful and have fun. They seem so happy.

  5. Michaela:

    I would say dogs, but thats just an animal I love. An animal that I’ve recently started being drawn to is the jellyfish. Even though the ones that was up on the beach are gross, they really are beautiful if you think about it and look at them. Especially this one (scientists say it’s theoretically immortal):
    the first one’s information. The second one’s a picture. Isn’t it pretty?

  6. Foxes.

    Stealthy, quiet, small.

  7. amber:


  8. Human Being 😉

  9. alexa:

    horses. for there beauty and strength.

  10. S:

    I will go the obvious route of cat. I have never met a cat that I couldnt connect to, they trust me and I trust them. I have a feeling I was some feline in a past life!

  11. Kacie:

    Dogs. Primarily wolves and domesticated dogs. Placid at first, like me, then they fight back.

  12. April:

    Dogs. Especially big dogs. I feel like connected to them. That makes me sound like a total weirdo, but I love dogs. I could swear they know how you’re feeling.

  13. Joel:


  14. Bethany:

    Ferrets. They are joyful and fearless.

  15. Katii:

    Horses, For their acceptance. For loving me when no one else does. And for always knowing what to say despite the silence.

  16. Karissa:

    Freedom to fly and sing, I’ve always wanted to be a sparrow.

  17. Macey:


  18. olga:

    birds. i’ve always dreamt that i had the ability to fly, and deep down i will always have this desire.

  19. Nick:

    Anything cuddly to look at. 🙂 Yes, even wild animals.

  20. Delilah:

    hawks. they’re so…free.
    and for some reason sharks

  21. Julie Takase:


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