Question 99

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33 Responses to “Question 99”

  1. Anonymous:

    Figure out what I want to do and where I want to go with the present

  2. My number one goal is to get ahold of my life and get some direction. Set up some kind of idea of where I want to go in the next several years, and make a plan to get there.


  3. moca:

    getting through the summer, the first semester of my senior year, and putting my wedding together in very little time and very little knowledge of what to do

  4. Z:

    To patiently wait on him to come home. He returns in exactly 6 months.

  5. a viv:

    To not screw up my new career.

  6. melinda:

    to be happy and top help others be happy.

  7. Valerie:


  8. Breathe.

  9. erin:

    For the next 6 months I will be saving money so that we can pursue our dream: sailing around the world.

  10. Anne:

    Build up my confidence so that we can do more together.

  11. me:

    to patiently wait for my marine to come home, and hopefully progress from where we left off.

  12. freestylewalker:

    To find out if we can make this work.
    To prove I love him, and make him believe I will never. ever. leave him.
    To relax.
    To find a way to feel less broken.
    To adjust to university.

  13. Victoria:

    My goal for the next six months? Loose all this excess weight and look like the girl that I used to see in the mirror. I really miss seeing her.

  14. Lua:

    My goal for the next six months :
    is to improve my skills to learn another language and volunteer to help others especially orphans . .

  15. Yre:

    To stay alive

  16. em:

    to get better.

  17. Amber:

    To make a difference in someone’s life.

  18. Romer Jed:

    To find myself all over again.

  19. Flower:

    To be a better person, to find better in everyone else & to find happiness in myself. To be independent without him.

  20. stormy:

    Keep myself alive.

  21. JennyLynn:

    To continue being self injury free. It’s only just the beginning and I’m scared.

  22. S:

    To enjoy life as it happens. Push through the anxiety. Smile!

  23. gabby:

    to be confident.

  24. Kay:

    To make it through life. But most importantly, to not be afraid and to stand up and speak what’s on my mind. Just to let people in so they can truly know me.

  25. kat:

    Finish my poetry book that I’ve been working on for three years. I’m on the home stretch!

  26. Rachel:

    I’m moving; to make it work.

  27. April:

    Rrr. Setting goals is hard.

  28. Kate:

    (1) To get into graduate school with an assistantship
    (2) To let him know I love him

    Not necessarily in order of importance.

  29. sab:

    Move away and find a love.

  30. Emma:

    Get accepted into University of Washington

  31. Ris:

    To get out of this city with my family.

  32. Sabrina:

    Have the best grades possible and enjoy my last year in that school.

  33. Nick:

    To fit in to the new environment.

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