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  1. Tay:

    Yes. In a heartbeat.

  2. I would like to think (being religious) that I would. And while I maintain that I know where I am going, I don’t know the same for others.

    Here is a question to consider if you think you would give up your life for someone else: would you give up your possessions for them? If demanded, would you be able to give them your phone, computer, house, car, etc.? After all, if your life is your most valuable earthly possession, and you were willing to give that up, wouldn’t you be willing to give up anything else?

  3. Yes. Without question.

  4. Laura:

    Honestly, I don’t think that is a question that could really be answered.

    If you are put in that situation, you either do it automatically, or you wimp out and run away.

    Everyone will say they will, but whether they actually DO it or not, is an entirely different thing.

  5. Eps:

    In my opinion, this isn’t the question that should be asked. Yes, I would die for anyone. But the real question is who would you live for? If you would die for someone, anyone, yet wouldn’t live for anyone, your life has no meaning. You’d just float day by day until your life ends. But if you would live for someone, then you have a reason to live and your life actually means something if you have to give it up.

  6. Fran:

    i think only one person i can for sure say i would. a lot of people i’d HOPE i would.

  7. Valerie:


  8. Anonymous:

    Though I feel I must be skeptical about the certainty since I have never had the chance to prove myself–I hope I have have the determination to do it

  9. Yes.

    However, if you think about it, in human nature we are all selfish so when it actually came down to it: we would hesitate. It would be: “My life or theirs?” Without question, we would choose ourselves and not someone else. Think about it before getting on my case; in human nature–Christian, Pagan or whatever, it does not matter on beliefs, morals or anything–we respond on first instinct of flight or fight, risk or run and in a selfish way, anything that puts US in danger we respond selfishly and leave the person to fend for themselves.

    But yes, I would but saying that makes me sound like a hypocrite.

    ((I shouldn’t have caffiene or anything sugary with no sleep for two days, it messes everything up))

  10. Natalie:

    I like to think I would. But if it came down to it? I don’t know. I hope so, but you never know until you are put into the situation.

  11. em:

    I would like to think I would give my own life to save someone elses.
    But for the people I know whose lives I value so much, how would they feel if they were there yet I was not?
    To know someone you love with all everything you are and have has sacrificed themselves to save you, wouldn’t you feel like you wish you had not been saved?

  12. Lua:

    yes I would . .

  13. Kitty:


  14. Kish:

    this isn’t even a question. The answer is YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Romer Jed:

    I always thought of myself as being somewhat selfish, so I would have previously answered this as a “No” or “Maybe, depending on the person…”

    But recently I found myself in the hospital taking care of my friend without a moment’s hesitation and I went as far as giving, his sister as well, a large amount of blood for an operation for him which left the both of very very sick afterwards, and we knew the consequences too.

    So, Yes. I would give my life up for another. And I can honestly say, without any hesitation.

  16. Jenny:

    I would easily trade my life three ways for all three people.

  17. Maddy:

    Yes. For anyone. Without thinking twice about it.

  18. Flower:

    For my family & my best friend.

  19. JennyLynn:

    Of course.

  20. alexa:

    i’m not going to dissect the question, i’ll just answer honestly. yes, i think if i truly loved them i would. if i could i would trade places with a lot of people so they wouldn’t have felt the pain they went through.

  21. Johann:

    Impossible to answer without knowing whom it is you will be dying for: own children, absolutely (I hope); other’s children, no, not fair to own children; total strangers, no, not as long as my children are dependent on me, etc.

  22. Kacie:

    For anyone I truly care about, yes.
    Perhaps even a stranger, if it meant knowing that they were safe before I died.

  23. Rachel:

    I hope so.

  24. April:

    For sure. Especially for people I love, it would be a simple thing.

  25. Gracie:


  26. Jonas:

    Would you give up your life for a purpose?

  27. Inka:

    Almost did it. Yes, I would.

  28. Maria:


  29. Janie:

    For those I love or for those who are defenseless in saving themselves, yes. I would.

  30. Kat:

    If I know saving their life will be worth it, Im not will to die for my drug addicted cousin. Knowing someone will not take it for granted or waste it, Id be willing to simply feeling they could put it to better use. The only second thought would be how painful is giving up my life?

  31. Sabrina:

    Why not?
    In fact, I’m pretty sure I would do it.

  32. Kathryn:

    i would probably only be able to die for the people i love most.

  33. Rebecca:

    Yes, I would.

  34. Nick:

    If saying ‘no’ would mean guilt for the rest of my life, then, YES.

  35. Julie Takase:


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